Our Biometric Solutions give developers and businesses the tools they need to incorporate facial recognition into their operations. Developers can easily integrate the benefits of face analysis into their product, app or service while other businesses can take advantage of’s out of the box solutions.

facial recognition solution

Why Face Recognition?

We provide developers the best way to add face analysis into their apps. Our Human Analytics platform lets you integrate emotion, identity and demographic data into your products with only a few lines of code. Through computer vision and machine learning, this facial recognition software can recognize and measure people in any video, image or photo.

Face biometrics is growing quickly and is expected to be an $8 billion market by 2019. Unfortunately these kinds of technologies have historically been complex, expensive, and ultimately out of reach for most.

We’re giving developers the building blocks to integrate the benefits of face analysis into any product, app or service.

Facial Recognition

  • Detect, identify and verify visitors with facial recognition.
  • How it works:
    • Find faces: identify, recognize or verify people
    • Analyze faces: identify people’s features & demographic
    • Understand faces: identify how people feel & behave
  • Single licenses available for desktop solutions with VeriScan Plus

Core Features

  • Face Detection
  • Face Identification
  • Face Verification
  • Emotion Detection (joy, surprise, sadness, fear, anger & disgust)
  • Demographic & Feature Detection (age, gender, attention, dwell, glances, blinks, feature points, glasses & ethnicity)
  • Multi-face tracking
  • Face Grouping

Facial Recognition Integrated SDK Options:

  1. Facial Recognition SDK Licensing Options:
    Software allows for template creation & stores within the database for future matching.

    • SDK with Matching License/Enrollment License.  Captures photo, data & sending metadata.
    • Verification License, which includes a & b, Enrollment license & Verification
    • Search License includes all 3: Enrollment, Verification & Search
  2. Facial Recognition Web Service API cloud based solution

Trial software is issued at no cost & is issued on a 30 day basis.  


  • Proprietary face analysis & machine learning algorithms (under constant improvement)
  • Multiple delivery options (Cloud APIs & offline SDKs)
  • Long form video analysis
  • Large size image processing
  • Incredibly small facial templates
  • Unlimited face galleries
  • Lightning fast results
  • Facial feature tracking (this outperforms traditional face detection tracking)
  • Deeply focused on face analysis
  • Privacy & security assured
  • Designed to simplify & streamline face recognition for developers
  • Innovative business model; free to test & tiered to scale with customer growth

Fingerprint Scanning

  • Scan & save a fingerprint to a visitor’s profile. Thereafter, the visitor can simply sign in & out with the scan of their fingerprint, rather than scanning their ID.
  • We offer a variety of different fingerprint scanners to pair with our desktop ID scanning solution. Simply attach the fingerprint scanner to your computer via USB.
  • Single licenses available for desktop solutions with VeriScan Plus