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Our unique, turnkey solutions give you everything you need straight out of the box. By pairing our industry-leading software, Veriscan, with the best-in-class hardware solutions, you can begin verifying IDs, meeting compliance demands, and preventing fraud, right away.

For Every Industry

Our ID scanning solutions cater to a wide spectrum of industries, including law enforcement, casinos, bars and nightclubs, hospitality, retail and more. Our solutions focus on visitor management and automatic data capture, with features such as fraud prevention, age verification and access control. With mobile, tablet, desktop and enterprise complete solutions,’s solutions are designed to enhance your environments and experiences.

Casinos & Gaming
Nightclubs & Bars

Other Industries Include:

Off-The-Shelf ID Scanning Solutions

With our off-the-shelf ID scanning solutions, we give you everything you need to start providing enhanced experiences and environments.

For Every Need

Across All Platforms

Our technology can be implemented natively across mobile, tablet, or desktop hardware devices and operating systems.

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