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Scan Then Serve: The ID Scanning Solution for Bars and Clubs

IDScan.net’s poplar Bar Bundle mobile scanning solution to be ‘served up’ at Nightclub & Bar Show

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From Bourbon Street to the Las Vegas Strip, the country’s most popular bars and clubs are using IDScan.net’s cloud-based ‘Bar Bundle’ guest management solution to validate IDs and gather information on customers. IDScan.net, the leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies, will be demonstrating the Bar Bundle at Nightclub & Bar Show Booth 419 in Las Vegas on March 30-April 1. 

“We founded our company in New Orleans, and established a niche with many of the world-famous venues in the French Quarter. Over 15 years, we’ve continued to grow within the industry and improve our solutions to meet the specific needs of bars and nightclubs,” said Denis Petrov, IDScan.net’s CEO. 

The Bar Bundle relies on the same IDScan.net technology used by banks, hospitals, and law enforcement to validate IDs, but it has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, including bars and nightclubs. The Bar Bundle is a cloud-based mobile solution that captures and verifies the data on any government-issued ID within seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. The solution allows staff to process guests quickly while reducing liability by spotting fake IDs and confirming patrons’ ages. 

The solution allows venues like bars and nightclubs to increase productivity, automate data capture, streamline customer management, enhance security, optimize operational efficiency, and much more. One popular benefit of the Bar Bundle is that it enhances loyalty programs by tracking VIPs and providing notifications when they arrive.

Representatives from IDScan.net will be demonstrating the Bar Bundle and other solutions at  Nightclub & Bar Show Booth 419. Click here to learn more about the company’s solutions for the nightlife industry.