Closeout Specials

These items are overstock and will not be returning to active inventory once current stock is depleted. No back orders are being accepted for closeout items.


The listings below are overstock closeout special items:

  • Thermal-Scanning-Solution-with-Visitor-Management-resized

    Contactless Infrared Thermometer IRT1 I Mobile Temperature Detection Face Recognition Reader

    $749.00 Sale!
  • ITMiPhone6 1

    Infinea Tab M Mobile MSR & 2D Barcode Reader for iPhone 6+/6S+

    $579.95 Sale!
  • UVLEDDetector 1

    Portable UV LED Counterfeit ID/Currency Detector

    $259.00 Sale!
  • lineapro5unitcharingstation 1

    Linea Pro Five Station Charger for LP5 & LP6

    $249.95 Sale!
  • infineatabsecure 1

    Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab Security Stand

    $179.00 Sale!
  • Apto Secure Stand for Infinea Tab M – Black (ST-SEC-AIR-B) Open Box

    $169.00 Sale!
  • IPC PSLP1 2 2

    Infinite Peripherals Single Station Charger for Linea Pro 6

    $79.99 Sale!

    Infinite Peripherals Single Station Charger for Linea Pro 5 (OPEN BOX)

    $79.95 Sale!
  • Rugged Case for Linea Pro 6, CS-RMS-LP62D-STR-G/BK

  • Handle

    Infinite Peripherals Low Profile Handle For Flex Case CS-T-PLP

    $29.95 Sale!
  • 2020 Document Guide Books

    $19.99 Sale!
  • InfineaTabCS T PSTMountingBracketPlate2 1

    Infinea Tab Mounting Bracket Plate for Slide Tab Stand

    $13.99 Sale!
  • infinea tab 4 flat plate 1

    Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab flat plate panel only for iT2 iT4

    $12.95 Sale!