Handling Unemployment Fraud During COVID-19

Preventing COVID-19 Related Fraud through ID Scanning and Identity Verification

The Coronavirus pandemic’s ongoing economic outfall is causing significant financial hardships to individuals and businesses around the world. Specifically, a rise in identity fraud and return fraud.

Whether these fraud types appear in applying for instant credit, taking out an online loan, purchasing a new car or returning goods at a store, they are commonly attempted using a fake ID.

How do you plan to fight fraud?

For over a decade, IDScan.net has developed software to specifically prevent identity-related fraud. Whether your business seeks to preemptively deter fraud through performing in-app biometric facial validation or simply wants to scan all patrons’ physical IDs to verify age, we offer the solution to match your fraud prevention needs.

To verify identities at the door: Baseline barcode validation

For businesses looking to verify IDs at the door, bar, or checkout counter, this technology guards your business against fraud by identifying fake IDs and underage patrons. With a single ID scan, validate IDs, driver’s licenses and passports to instantly verify age, expiration, and ID legitimacy.

This software is custom developed for restaurants, bars, and retailers who want the flexibility of a standalone, desktop or mobile solution that is compatible with multiple mobile and desktop hardware options. IDScan.net offers an array of IDScan devices that work with this software. Speak with a team member at 888.430.8936 to discuss the right hardware device for your identity validation needs.

To validate online identities and documents: Authentication and third party checks

Often employed prior to issuing credit, an online loan or to confirm that a potential customer has legitimate identification documents, this technology fully authenticates an ID in just a few steps:

  • Uses Front-Back match to compare an ID’s 2D barcode on the back with the information on the front
  • Validates multiple security layers including ultraviolet and infrared detection
  • Runs the ID data against external sources, such as DMV checks to confirm the ID was issued by the corresponding state’s DMV

To validate identities on an app: Mobile validation and face match

Validate the identity of any customer who is seeking to rent your property or test-drive a car from your dealership before you invest the time to meet them in person. Onboard your client with greater efficiency and security.

Customers use the cameras on their mobile devices to take pictures of themselves and their identification documents. IDScan.net’s robust web service authenticates the ID and auto-populates your application.

Return Fraud

This type of fraud can come in many forms. Some customers may purchase and use a product then attempt to return the working product. Others may steal products and try to return them to make a profit.

Our loss prevention software uses cloud based technology that communicates between all your stores in real time to reduce return fraud. This solution tracks all returns by requiring a customer’s photo ID – protecting retailers from multiple scans on the same receipt, multi-store returners and customers attempting to use a fake ID.

To protect your business from fraud with ID verification technology or to learn more about any of these solutions, visit our website or call 888.430.8936 to speak with an IDScan.net team member today.