Premier Nightclub Owner Arrested Over ID Destruction

At we strongly recommend that you always check for frauds and fakes when selling alcohol and tobacco, and confiscate those illegally possessed or forged.  Unfortunately for Marc Barnes, owner of premier DC club Park at 14th, local law enforcement officials didn’t approve of what he did post-confiscation.

On Oct. 31, Marc was arrested and spent more than 11 hours in a D.C. jail, charged with misdemeanor second-degree theft and destruction of property for confiscating and destroying an illegally held (albeit valid) ID.

Barnes said that the woman gave her identification the night of the crime to an underage friend who had accompanied her to the club and that the pieces of identification were confiscated because they were being misused.

Regardless, Barnes has been required to check in with court pretrial officers each week to ensure that he is complying with conditions of his release.

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Source: Washington Post