Police Go Undercover to Bust Restaurant for Alcohol Violations

Avoid Alcohol Violations

Police Go Undercover to Bust Restaurant for Alcohol Violations

In Rockville, Maryland, police went undercover to bust a popular restaurant called Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge.  Police were initially attracted to the bar due to a number of complaints from local residents regarding underage drinking and drunk driving.  A follow-up investigation by the county’s Department of Liquor Control landed the restaurant in even more trouble.

Clyde’s was cited with several alcohol violations when police set up a traffic stop during Clyde’s  special two for one wine night.  The result – seven civil citations for fake IDs, five civil citations for possession of alcohol under 21, and several alcohol violations for people with alcohol content levels higher than .10 (.08 is the legal limit in Maryland).

These citations were not completely Clyde’s fault.  The IDs used by these underage drinkers were nearly impossible to detect – even the police acknowledged this.  Nonetheless, restaurants that serve alcohol are still responsible for keeping underage patrons out and the resulting violations may result in heavy fines and the loss of the restaurant’s alcohol permit.

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