Online Identity Verification Service

An A.I. powered online identity verification service can help secure your onboarding and account creation workflows by quickly, securely verifying customer identity.

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Every month we verify millions of identities, allowing for easy onboarding and fraud reduction for global businesses.

online identity verification service
How It Works

Verify Identity Online In 1 Minute

Our digital solutions use ID scanning and selfies to securely verify user identity. Customers simply open your app or click on a link sent via SMS and are prompted to take 3 images – the front of their ID, the back of their ID, and an optional selfie. They are told instantly whether their identity has been verified.

Our solution is able to parse both PDF417 barcodes and Machine Readable Zones using enhanced computer vision techniques. DVS also leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms to validate a document’s data. This solution will help give you confidence that you have done everything possible to verify a potential customer’s identity.

1. Scan the identity document

Our document verification solution automatically detects the document type, and is pre-configured to scan and parse 2D barcodes from drivers licenses and passport MRZs.

As soon as the application detects a quality image it snaps a photo and confirms document type. Users can scan their IDs in less than 10 seconds with only 2 clicks.

2. Use selfies for facial recognition

Our facial recognition technology detects their face inside the oval, and uses anti-spoofing technology to create a 3D mesh model that can accurately detect depth and liveness of facial features.

The selfie will be instantly compared to the photo on the front of the ID using our proprietary face matching technology.

Alternatively, the user can upload an image of their mobile drivers license (mDL).

Test Our Online Identity Verification Service

Use your mobile phone to test our solution. You’ll scan your ID and perform a guided selfie with integrated anti-spoofing to match your live face to your ID photo. See how easy automated onboarding and identity verification can be.

Easily send requests for verification via text message

Trigger verification requests using the simple DVS Portal inside the Control Panel. Simply input name, phone number, and the domain associated with the request, and click send.

In 5 seconds or less the user will receive the request for verification on their phone, with a link to begin the verification process.

Learn More About Using SMS To Verify Identity

Layer Third Party Identity Checks

Enhance your knowledge of your user by adding checks to established data sources.

online identity verification service

Integrate DMV Data Verification

Layer on Department of Motor Vehicle database checks to further validate the identity of your user. DMV checks are currently supported in 36/50 states.

Driver’s licenses, driving permits, and ID cards issued by U.S. jurisdictions are regularly used as proof of identity; however, these documents can be counterfeit or altered. Calls to DMV databases allow an organization that is presented with a license or ID card to verify that the data on the card matches the data held by the jurisdiction that issued the document.

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Integrate IdentiFraud

IdentiFraud is the most reliable solution on the market today for identity verification and age verification of US Consumers. By submitting consumer-provided information, IdentiFraud provides detailed verification of identity data within a matter of seconds. IdentiFraud makes it possible to be certain you are conducting business with the real ID holder.

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online identity verification service

Available Third Party Checks

We offer integrations to a variety of databases to enhance your KYC/AML compliance.

Department of Motor Vehicles
IdentiFraud Identity Checks
Politically Exposed Persons
Sex Offender Registry
Criminal Background Checks
Office of Foreign Asset Control

Benefits of Online Identity Verification

Streamline Onboarding

Millennials and Gen Z customers are demanding that businesses of all types allow for mobile signup. Reduce abandonment by integrating mobile identity verification.

Save Costs

Our identity verification correctly verifies 95% of new users. Remove the need for the vast majority of manual identity checks and background lookups.

Reduce Fraud

Our solution requires access to a physical ID and checks against third party databases, creating multiple roadblocks to fraudulent account creation.

online identity verification service

Track your online verifications in a central portal

Easily view the total validations initiated, data parsed from the ID, results of third party checks, and volume by day, week, and month.

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Contact us for a demo of our digital identity verification tools. Enhance your digital account opening and onboarding.

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