New Touch-Free Thermal Scanning System Reads Temperature and Detects Fever

IDScan.net now offers a thermal scanner that can instantly and accurately read temperature for every individual coming through your entrance. Click here to shop for the IRT1 in our store.

As the country continues its incremental reopening from the shutdown stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across industries are looking for ways to keep their staff and customers safe. Taking the temperature of every individual prior to entering is becoming increasingly popular, and it is an effective way to limit exposure to potentially infected individuals.

True to our vision of a safer and smarter world, IDScan.net has added the IRT1 thermal scanner to its lineup of products. The contact-free device detects faces and automatically reads temperatures.

When an individual arrives and stands within ten feet of the device, the IRT1 automatically detects their face. If the individual had previously been scanned by that device, the facial recognition component will recognize them.

When the individual stands within two feet of the IRT1 and faces the device, it reads the individual’s temperature and displays it on the screen. The IRT1 provides an accurate temperature reading within 0.2 degrees fahrenheit. It also displays whether the temperature is within the healthy range, which can be custom set to meet each business’s needs.

IDScan.net currently offers the IRT1 as a standalone device, meaning it can be used immediately without any configuration. It is networkable, so multiple IRT1 devices can be used at different entrances. The IRT1 offers endless possibilities to be integrated into existing systems used at point-of-entry, including access control platforms.

IDScan.net is in the process of integrating the IRT1 into our visitor management platform. This software pairing will automatically add the IRT1’s temperature records to the guest’s profile. meaning that the IRT1’s temperature records can be automatically added to the guest’s profile.

The IRT1 is available on IDScan.net’s website for $1,199.00. Shop now, or contact a member of our sales team to learn more.