New Mobile Passport Scanner from Panasonic Now Available

Pansonic T1

New Mobile Passport Scanner from Panasonic Now Available

The TOUGHBOOK T1 is Panasonic’s latest model of mobile passport scanners

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In April 2018, announced that through an exclusive partnership with Panasonic, we would pair our software with the TOUGHBOOK N1 to create the first-ever mobile passport scanning solution. Panasonic recently released the lighter and sleeker TOUGHBOOK T1, and now offers the T1 with our ID scanning software. 

Like the N1 solution, the T1 allows users to scan the 2D bar code found on most North American IDs, along with the machine readable zone (MRZ) found on passports and other international IDs. Both scanners are compatible with’s VeriScan Mobile, VeriScan Online, and as part of our ID Dev Tools integrations. Using the N1 or T1 with’s ID scanning software allows users to verify age, check if the ID is real, and collect an individual’s data off of the ID to populate forms for check-in.

The key difference between N1 and the new T1 is in the ruggedness and weight. Both scanners can be used outdoors, can handle a drop, and are water-resistant. The N1, however, is considered “fully rugged:” it works in all weather, and it will work after a 6-foot fall and after being fully submerged in water. While still rugged, the T1 is lighter in weight and sleeker. It also comes at a lower price than the N1.

For businesses looking to scan IDs at the point of entry to check in guests or to verify age, both TOUGHBOOK scanners provide many benefits. For nightclubs, bars, casinos, and other businesses who welcome international guests, the N1 and T1 are among the only mobile scanners available to offer passport scanning. Among those who have found these TOUGHBOOK devices useful include producers of outdoor events and those who manage other outdoor facilities.

The N1 and T1 are both available, along with a variety of accessories, through’s online store. Both devices come with a 3-year subscription to our VeriScan mobile app, and the cloud-based VeriScan Online can be added to either one. Click the links below or call 888.430.8936 for more information about our solutions.