MN Enhanced Drivers License

New MN Enhanced Driver’s License. What is it?

Do you know what an enhanced driver’s license is?

Minnesota is just one of five states that offer an enhanced driver’s license.  This license costs $15 extra and looks very different from the typical license.

What does an enhanced driver’s license get you?  With this license, you can travel between Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Bahamas without a passport.  The license itself is a lot more stiff and has the word enhanced on the front with an American flag.

Inside the license is an RFID (radio frequency identification chip) that is used at the border to verify your identity against a federal database.  This is the same type of database that is used for passports.

Our software is programmed to read any type of enhanced ID.  Our parsing engine is the most up to date on the market and reads IDs from all 50 US states, 8 Canadian provinces, and all Mexican provinces.  To learn more about our solutions, please visit our solutions page.

Interested in reading RFID chips using a mobile or tablet scanner?  Visit our store page to learn about the newest RFID compatible mobile scanners.

What do you think about the new enhanced IDs being rolled out across the country?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

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