Fake NJ IDs

New ID Scam to sell iPhones

A new ID scam is starting to become popular around the country that involves the use of fake IDs.

In the most recent instance, two perpetrators used fake IDs to open multiple cell phone accounts at Radio Shack.  They would upgrade their phone services, buy a new iPhone for about $100, and afterwards add an additional phone line to get a second iPhone.  They would then turn around and sell these phones for $500 online.

Police reported that one of the suspects had 13 fake IDs.  The entire scam led to $5,400 in fraud.

Our systems are designed to detect fake IDs by reading the PDF417 barcode found on the back of any type of driver’s license, military ID, or other state-issued ID.  Our enterprise solutions allow you to quickly integrate ID scanning and fake ID detection into any type of POS, desktop, or software system.  Check out the pages for our ID Parsing SDK and Web Services API for th more information.

What other types of ID scams have you seen?  Feel free to leave a comment below to chime in.

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