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Nevada Cannabis Lounges to Require ID Scanning

Cannabis consumption lounges, where adults 21 and older can openly use marijuana products, are set to open in Nevada by the end of 2022. 

Establishments will be required to use ID scanning to verify the age of their customers.

The regulation reads as follows:

15.015 Duties of cannabis establishment agent for a cannabis consumption lounge before sale to consumer. Before a cannabis establishment agent allows access into the facility and prior to selling single-use cannabis products or ready-to-consume cannabis products to a consumer, the cannabis establishment agent shall: 1. Verify the age of the consumer by checking and authenticating a government-issued identification card containing a photograph of the consumer using an identification scanner approved by the appropriate Board Agent to determine the validity and authenticity of any government-issued identification card as well as visually inspect the birthdate on the form of identification presented…

The cannabis consumption lounges mark the first major expansion of Nevada’s cannabis industry since legalization in 2017. 

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