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Mobile Driver’s License Scanner IDWare9000 Now Reads Passports

Top-selling ID scanner has new scanning capability

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The IDWare9000 ID scanner is now able to scan passports in addition to IDs. Both durable and easy to use with a 5 inch screen, this Android scanner may be deployed in a wide variety of industries. The IDWare9000 is a handheld device and is ideal for checking in guests at multiple locations, in line, or in a vehicle. 

This mobile ID and passport scanner was created to verify age, check in guests, and catch fake IDs, on the go, then store the record in a customer relationship management database. It supports’s VeriScan visitor management software that scans, collects, and provides historical access to all ID scans. To learn more about VeriScan, click here

This scanner reads information stored in the 2D barcode that appears on drivers’ licenses and IDs from all 50 states and Canada, Military IDs, and now passports. All scanned information is displayed on the IDWare9000’s intuitive color touch 5” screen. It’s newest passport scanning feature reads the MRZ, or machine readable zone, on all passports and international IDs. 

MRZ technology encodes the data on the identity page of a passport in an optical character recognition (OCR) format. Capturing this information on the IDWare9000 allows the data to then be uploaded into our visitor management or auto-capture software to make check ins and process guests faster, easier, and far more personalized. The IDWare9000 supports VeriScan and WizzForms software and may also be used with SDKs.  

The IDWare9000 is available through’s online store. The scanner comes with the option to select one of the three levels of VeriScan visitor management software, or can also be purchased without software. Click the link below or call 884.430.8936 for more information about solutions.

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