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Mobile Age Verification

Age verification is a feature that more and more businesses are choosing to include in their mobile apps. In order to protect children from age-inappropriate materials and online content, businesses must be sure of who their customers and users are. Additionally, the financial penalties and potential lawsuits that could come from unknowingly selling an age-restricted product to a child, or allowing them access to age-restricted materials could be devastating. Using an identity verification app is essential in ensuring that your customers are of age and that they are who they say they are. has mobile solutions that make age verification quick and accurate. But who should implement this sort of technology and how does it work?

Does my business really need an ID verification app?

In late January of 2021, a ten-year-old girl in Italy accidentally died while trying a “blackout challenge” on TikTok. As a result, TikTok’s employees are currently having to revamp their age verification requirements for the app to be sure that children under 13 are not making TikTok accounts. This is an extreme example but it shines a bright light on the potential risks of children having access to content they are not mature enough to interact with. Cyberbullying, being exposed to age-inappropriate material and content, and online grooming are also risks that children face when they are roaming unrestricted internet sites. 

But social media apps are not the only ones taking a risk by not having an identity verification app. Any company that sells age-restricted materials online such as tobacco products, knives, or still increasingly popular vaping materials needs to be sure that they know how old their customers are, and using an identity verification app is the most accurate solution.

With many apps and websites, it is all too easy for a child below the age limit to sign up for an account or purchase products. Without an ID verification app, much of the time the verification process involves only a self-reported birthday. The child simply sets their birth year to make them appear at the appropriate age and then they are free to continue. In some cases, this is all that is legally required of a company as far as age precautions are concerned but being extra vigilant and using an identity verification app can prevent tragic situations as we saw with the aforementioned Italian preteen. We have to be sure that our users and customers are capable of understanding and mitigating the potential risks of our products for their safety.

How can an identity verification app be added to existing systems?

At this point, you may be thinking that it would be a good idea for your business to implement stricter age verification, but aren’t sure of the next step. has a mobile ID verification app that is perfect for seamlessly integrating age verification into your existing mobile application or website. Simply contact us with your request to implement our ID verification app and our team will configure the feature for your existing systems. Our standalone identity verification app was the first to market in 2009 and we have continued to set the standard for ID scanning on mobile devices. The process is simple, fast, accurate, and won’t sacrifice user experience. The user simply takes a picture of the front and back of their driver’s license or ID with their cell phone camera and the mobile ID verification app automatically takes care of the rest. It verifies that the ID is legitimate and then checks the birthdate listed to be sure the person is of the required age. 

We have built a complete database consisting of nearly every available format of all government-issued IDs making mobile ID verification highly accurate. This includes drivers’ licenses and IDs from all 50 states, Military IDs, Tribal IDs, and international IDs. Our database of IDs is the most robust library available and we constantly update it with new ID formats as they are released, so our technology will read even the newest IDs.

Additionally, this ID verification app can be used in person or online to auto-populate data fields for quick information gathering. This can be a faster and more convenient way for both you and your customers to enter information into your databases such as name, address, and license number where applicable. This means an easier check-out for your customers as they don’t have to spend time typing information into their little phone keyboards. The faster and easier the check-out process, the more likely a customer is to follow through with a purchase. 

We at want to ensure that your business is as thorough as you need it to be when it comes to identity verification, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get you started with our mobile solutions.