LoyaltyScan Box and CR5400 ID Scanner


LoyaltyScan is the leading players club enrollment tool. We use ID parsing to ingest the error-free fields storied on the ID and sync them directly to your CRM, loyalty system, or other operational software.

Loyalty Program Integration Partners

LoyaltyScan integrates seamlessly into all widely available player tracking systems and casino security systems.

We also integrate into custom and proprietary systems with ease. Contact us to see if your system is compatible.

Key Benefits of ID Parsing For Casinos

How ID Parsing For Casinos Works

ID parsing dramatically decreases the time required to enter data, and improves the player enrollment experience.

2D barcode is scanned

2D barcodes contain valuable, accurate information including name, address, date of birth, and more.

Using an ID scanner capable of reading 2D barcodes, we can seamlessly read the data contained on the barcode.

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Player Tracking Systems Ingest The Data

LoyaltyScan integrates with almost all commonly used player tracking systems, making ID parsing and data sync easy and seamless.

Your onboarding team will help you get set up and map ID fields to fields inside your loyalty system. Then it is set-it-and-forget-it.

Train Your Team

Your team will be thrilled to save time and create more accurate records.

Now you can enroll new members into your loyalty program with the simple scan of an ID, and identify them instantly the next time they come on site.

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