Kojak with or Without LED Prompts – Which to Choose?

So, what is the difference between the Kojak with LED Prompts and without LED Prompts?

Integrated Biometrics makes two different versions of the Kojak live scan fingerprinting machine. One of them has a row of lights on the top of the device which act as prompts to show which finger you should be scanning. Kojak also offers a version with no light up prompts. 

Our software, VeriScan Plus With Fingerprint Scanning, will show you exactly which finger or group of fingers you should be scanning throughout the fingerprinting process.

As you scan each finger, the fingers will turn green in the image on the screen. So if you are viewing the screen while doing the scan, or a proctor is guiding someone through the process, it is likely that the Kojak 10-Roll Scanner without LED Prompts will do the trick. 

However, if it’s not easy to see the screen while printing, or if you’d like to have some extra visual cues right there on the scanner, the version with LED prompts is a perfect choice.

If you are using your own software, check to see what the fingerprinting guidance process is like and if it includes visual cues on the screen.

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