Keeping Track of Entertainer Records with ID Scanning

Entertainer Records

Keeping Track of Entertainer Records with ID Scanning

Keeping Track of Entertainer Records:

Whether your entertainers are transient or more permanent, it is important that you have their information on file and the ability to easily access it.’s entertainer registration tool will eliminate registration or check-in paperwork, create a permanent electronic record and truly help keep your business out of legal trouble.

What You Need to Know:

  • Reduce or eliminate normal entertainer liability issues that come with improper record keeping
  • Collect entertainer information in less than 1 second with the scan of their ID
  • Eliminate registration and check-in paperwork
  • Prevent legal trouble with permanent electronic records
  • Have entertainers sign electronic documents, customizable waivers, employee rules and contracts
  • Option to screen the entertainer against security databases
  • Biometric options available

Our entertainer tracking solution can be customized to your needs but more importantly, if used consistently and correctly, your business can reduce or eliminate many of the normal entertainer liability issues that come with improper record keeping. Industry experts like Robert Smith, former police officer and CEO of Nightclub Security Consultants, recommends this sort of solution in conjunction with proper management training to help reduce adult entertainment club liability.

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