IRT1 Temperature Scanner is Now Integrated with VeriScan Software

You’re now able to keep a record of visitors’ temperatures directly in our VeriScan Software to track temperatures over time.

Visitor management processes have rapidly adapted to include temperature scanning. However, once a temperature is taken, it is rarely recorded or historically accessible.’s integration of the IRT1 temperature scanner into our Visitor Management software offers a way to associate temperatures with visitors and track temperatures well past the 14 day infection period. 

How does the solution work?

When a guest arrives, IDWare Guest + Temp:

  1. Takes their temperature – The IRT1 uses facial detection technology to automatically recognize when a visitor stands in front of the device up to 2 feet away.
  1. Scans their ID – In addition to verifying the ID and capturing its information, an ID scan associates the individual with the most recently recorded temperature.
  1. Creates a record of the visit, complete with temperature – The ID scan’s temperature associate creates a time-stamped record of the visit including the visitor’s temperature.

What’s Included? 

The IDWare Guest + Temp solution consists of: 

VeriScan Software

The Windows-based software that fuels’s visitor management solution.

Choice of Hardware

Any of’s desktop hardware options will work with IDWare Guest + Temp.

IRT1 Thermal Scanner

The innovative hardware detects faces and accurately reads temperature. 

VeriScan Software captures and parses information from every individual ID scan then compiles and stores this visitor data in’s online database. The database can be queried at any time to control access or access historical records. 

The IRT1 works in tandem with VeriScan software to display a visitor’s temperature on the screen and provide accurate temperature readings within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The scanner includes optional features, such as setting a customized “healthy range” and mask detection to require masks for a temperature reading. While the IRT1 reads temperatures of individual’s standing within 2 feet, it detects faces up to 10 feet away. 

How will it help your business? 

Visitor management systems increase compliance and reduce exposure from underage patrons, self-exclusion lists, and more. In a COVID and post-COVID environment, tracking both virus exposure and potential contact is quickly becoming a required component of compliance. 

Access and export temperature records from specific days or large timeframes to ensure that your customer-facing or office environment is COVID free. And if there’s a reported case of anyone who has scanned their ID onsite, VeriScan offers the ability to print a list of all other visitors in the same timeframe to curb exposure as soon as possible.


To learn more about the IDWare Guest + Temp solution and identifying the best hardware option for your environment, please reach out to an IDScan team member at 888.357.8530