North Dakota Hunting and Fishing license

Driver’s license number required on hunting and fishing licenses

Starting on April 1st, North Dakota issued a new law that requires a driver’s license or photo ID when registering for a hunting and fishing license.  This law will directly affect those applying for a deer license that will take place over the next month.

This law change is a result of House Bill 1161 that passed unanimously in both the North Dakota House and Senate during the 2013 legislative session.  The law requires anyone who is 18 years or older to submit a valid North Dakota license number when applying for a hunting or fishing license.

North Dakota attempted to roll out this new requirement during the the moose, elk, and sheep drawing, but unfortunately met a lot of resistance.  Several applicants left the driver’s license section blank or purposefully filled in the incorrect information.  This process led to a large delay in with the drawing.

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Nine fake IDs, 30 counterfeit checks lead to Council Bluffs woman’s arrest

A lady was arrested in Council Bluff  on the suspicion of 30 counts of forgery, nine counts of falsifying public documents and for interference with official acts.  She was found with 30 counterfeit checks and nine fake IDs.  The lady was arrested after trying to buy $170 worth of merchandise using a fake check and falsified information.

This was not her first offense.  Hockabout pleaded guilty in 2010 to forgery and a probation violation.  In July 2013, she was arrested for second-degree theft and drug possession.  Recently, she was arrested in March on seven counts of forgery and two counts of falsifying public documents and ongoing criminal conduct.  She also has warrants out in Nebraska for fraud, identity theft, and other forgery-related crimes.

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Scam for High-Tech Goods

Two men from the Bronx are facing charges for scamming an AT&T store by purchasing cell phones and iPads with a fake ID.  The two were creating false identification of existing AT&T customers and using the information to redeem for special discounts and charge other people’s accounts.  Through AT&T’s internal messaging system, they were able to catch the two culprits.

When they found the two criminals, police discovered three fraudulent licenses from three different states and phones and iPads from the AT&T store in Wilton.  The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and AT&T Loss Prevention Department to charge both men.

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Fake IDs hid gang haul, say police

It was reported that a drug ring was using false identification and driver’s licenses to hide luxury cars, millions of dollars in cash, firearms, and property.  The culprits were using a fake driver’s license machine to print dozens of New Zealand driver’s licenses.   The fake IDs were used to rent storage facilities where they would hide large amounts of cash and other stolen property.

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Washington DL

Washington’s Fictitious Driver’s License Program Larger Than First Reported

A new report reveals that there are roughly 3,000 fake licenses turned into police agencies over the past 25 years in Washington.  This number is nearly twice as many as originally reported by the Washington Department of Licensing.  A fake license program that started in the 1980s was recently discovered last year, which resulted in the circulation of these fake licenses.

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DL Kiosk

Illinois driver’s license stations could close

Secretary of State Jesse White told lawmakers that nearly two dozen driver’s license stations will close unless the General Assembly extends a temporary tax increase.  If the income tax level falls from 5% to 3.75%, White will have to lay off 200 workers and reduce his office’s budget by about 10%.  The closures of the driver’s license stations would also create longer drive times and wait times for customers in rural areas trying to renew their driver’s license.

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hawaii driver's license

Driver’s License Renewal Change in Hawaii

Beginning on THursday, Hawaii residents must show two documents that prove their residency in order to obtain a Hawaii driver’s license or state ID card.

The documents must include the applicant’s name, address, and proof of residency.  Eligible documents include their current driver’s license, vehicle registration or title, voter registration card, or other mail from a government or medical entity.  These documents must be recent and cannot be more than two years old.  Other options include a utility bill, a checking or savings account statement, and a payroll check or stub.

This changes are an attempt by Hawaii to be more compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005.  The fee for a state ID on Kauai will also increase from $4 to $32 and will be valid for up to 8 years.

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Virginia ID

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty in Fake ID Case

A Richmond man pleaded guilty for participating as a “runner” in a fake ID ring.  Manuel Garcia-Rojas helped sell fake IDs (Social Security cards, green cards, etc.) to illegal immigrants, while working with nine other co-defendants.  The enterprise was based in Mexico and had operations in Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.  Garcia-Rojas was caught at a police traffic stop after trying to assault a rival ID maker and steal his equipment.

To read the entire story, please visit The Marietta Times website.

hawaii license

Documents to get driver’s license, cost of state ID to change

Starting on May 1st, the required documents and cost of obtaining a driver’s license in Hawaii will change.  State IDs will cost $32.00 in Kauai County, at the rate of $4 per year, and $40.00 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties, at the rate of $5 per year.  The state ID is good for 8 years, and a duplicate will cost $7 in Kauai County and $6 in Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties.  Those obtaining a driver’s license will be required to present two forms of proof of principal residence in Hawaii.

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1% of customers Cause 95% of incidents at Nightclubs and Bars

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When people go out for the night, they want to have a fun and safe experience.  It is important to find a way to provide this experience to your customers by keeping troublemakers off of your premises.  What’s the best way to keep the troublemakers out?   Here are 5 tips:


1. Ensure their ID is valid

Checking an ID to ensure that it is real and not expired is extremely important to protect yourself from liability and ensuring your premises is safe.  We recommend using an ID scanner (check out our mobile app VeriScan or VeriScan Online) or hiring a professional to train your employees on how to spot a fake ID.  ID formats are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date.


2. Reward the Good, Punish the Bad

Loyalty cards and other incentives can be very persuasive in determining a patron’s behavior.  By creating a strong loyalty program where you reward the good and punish the bad can greatly persuade customers to be on their best behavior.  To ensure this is successful, it is important to advertise your loyalty program to customers to make them aware of your VIP and Banned lists.


3. If you kick them out, make sure they stay out

There’s no such thing as a one-time offender.  Many of the club-goers who get kicked out tend to come back and cause more trouble.  If you ban them from your establishment, make sure you keep them out and don’t allow them to sneak in when a different bouncer is on duty.  Most modern ID scanners have this capability and will allow you to record incident details.


4. Talk with your fellow club owners

Many troublemakers will get kicked out of one club and simply move onto the next one.  If you talk with your fellow club owners or share a list of banned patrons with each other, you can better protect your club and make the night more enjoyable for your customers.


5. Let them know you’re watching

It is important to make customers aware that you know who they are.  Placing cameras where customers can see them will let them know you’re being vigilant to keep your club safe.


About provides ID scanning solutions that read driver’s licenses, military IDs, and other state IDs for access control, automatic data capture, and age verification.  They have 10+ years of experience in the ID scanning industry and pioneered ID scanning for mobile apps.  Some of their clients include Sapphire Club in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Entertainment, Molson Coors, Hooters, and Borgata Casinos.