Simply and safely register patients and manage facility security with contactless ID scanning.

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and medical offices of all sizes are dramatically improving patient, visitor, and staff satisfaction and security utilizing our healthcare ID scanner.

In one, easy, contact-free swipe, parse and collect ID data and images and automatically populate your existing patient management system.

Increase Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Efficient and comprehensive visitor management is more critical than ever. With our healthcare ID scanner and WizzForms software, you can:

  • Improve Intake

    Improve the intake process by populating data and images from driver’s licenses and identity cards with 100% accuracy

  • Validate and Record Visitors

    Validate visitor IDs and record visit information into your existing systems in a single step

  • Seamlessly Integrate

    Works with existing EHR and EMR healthcare systems without disrupting existing records

Improve Facility Safety and Security

Track visitors, manage access, and enforce protocols and compliance to create safer and smarter facilities with one, contact-free, ID swipe:

  • Create Records

    Create custom visitor management records, such as flags or age filters, for certain hospital areas and access historical information and export visitor logs in seconds. Information can be securely and efficiently transferred

  • Control Access

    Identify visitors, patients, and employees to control access at point-of-entry and easily print expiring badges

  • Enforce Protocols

    Enforce protocols while improving data accuracy and maintaining HIPAA compliance

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Here are some common applications of our technology used in healthcare facilities.

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IDWare Collect + Image for Healthcare

  • Standalone desktop solution for Windows
  • Reads IDs (US & Canada)
  • Captures dual-sided image of IDs
  • Enhances and expedites form data entry through ID parsing software
  • Collects information in less than 1 second with 100% accuracy

This is just one use-case for our ID scanning solution. We can cater to many different industries.

Need Help Identifying Your Solution? is an AI-powered identity verification platform. We are unique among ID scanning software providers because we use machine learning to perform ID authentication, not just static templates.

More than 6,500 companies use solutions built on our platform, including our autopopulation tool, WizzForms, and our visitor management system, VeriScan, as well as custom and bespoke solutions built by our team of industry experts. Additionally, hundreds of developers use our APIs and SDKs to create and power their own applications.

Our customers value our deep knowledge of ID scanning compliance and laws across the country, and ability to use our expertise to translate real world use cases into elegant, useable software, as well as our friendly, accessible customer support for clients of all sizes.

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