Fingerprint Scanning for Gun Stores

Scan fingerprints to .EFT files for easy compliance with background check and firearms sales regulations.

Fingerprint Scanners & Livescan Fingerprinting Software for Gun Ranges and Firearms Retailers

Our fingerprint scanning solution for gun ranges and firearms retailers is able to capture fingerprints in real time, without the use of ink, and create an .EFT file which can be saved to a local device, or printed onto the standard FBI fingerprint cards.

ID Scanner for Bars

Using electronic submission of .EFT files can reduce lag times on purchase approvals from months to weeks.

Kojak Fingerprint Livescan Scanner With Printed Cards

Kojak Fingerprinting With LiveScan Software

Gun ranges and firearms retailers are under increased scrutiny and ever changing legislation to implement more safety and background checks before allowing someone to shoot a gun, or purchase a gun. The Kojak Fingerprint Scanner combined with the Livescan Fingerprinting software allow for more stringent but efficient checks to be done to ensure the safety of Americans across the country while ensuring compliance for the business.

No ink and paper
Smudge-proof glass
FBI and ATF compliant
LED prompts easily guide customer through experience
Skip missing fingers with a single button click.
Reduce processing times from months to weeks!
Save as .EFT file. Generate multiple .EFT files from a single fingerprint scan.
Auto-fill the ATF forms using information from a scanned ID
Quick, easy-to-use scanner, and software allows for unlimited scanning.

Visitor Management Systems For Gun Ranges & Gun Stores

Gun ranges and firearms retailers need a reliable and efficient visitor management system to ensure a safe experience, and compliance in the event of an incident.

Comply With Background Checks

Fingerprint-based background checks are considered to be the most secure form of background check on both a state and federal level. When purchasing or shooting a firearm, a deeper level of identity authentication is needed than can be provided by a name and SSN search.

Scan IDs or Manually Enter Customer Data

Use ID verification to quickly read the ID, and parse customer information into your system. Then take fingerprint scans to consolidate information into one convenient profile. Both ID validation, ID authentication, and fingerprinting equipment integrate easily with VeriScan.

Kojak 2

Need help choosing a fingerprint scanner?

Our turnkey team has worked with gun shops and firearms retailers around the country to help them transition to .EFT file generation.

Firearms Related ID Scanning Updates

ID scanning & identity verification insights tailored to gun shops, sporting good stores, and firing ranges.