ID Scanners For Banks

Reduce fraud and identity theft, streamline account opening, and improve customer service with our finance and banking ID scanning and KYC solutions.

Benefits of In-Branch ID Scanning Solutions

With our ID scanner for the banks and financial institutions, simply scan an ID to quickly, easily, and securely verify customer identity when onboarding new accounts or assessing credit worthiness. Banks and financial institutions of all sizes depend on’s ID scanners and digital identity verification to reduce fraud and streamline onboarding. 

ID Scanner for Bars

The solution will automatically reject the application if the ID is deemed fake or if the facial match between the ID and selfie is below the confidence percentage threshold set by your institution.

Reduce Fraud & Streamline Onboarding

Whether in-branch or from a customer’s mobile device, our technology captures information from an ID and automatically populates loan applications, account enrollment forms, and more, with 100% accuracy. Combat fraudulent activities to help prevent monetary losses, penalties, and fines. Our ID scanning system performs a series of security checks so you can:

Prevent fraudulent account openings
Reduce synthetic identity theft
Meet KYC and AML requirements
Add third party checks to ensure you fully understand each customer.
Ensure compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other federal laws
Comply with state-level PII and privacy laws
Ingest accurate customer data instantly
Save time spent on paperwork.
Prevent Chargebacks

Key Benefits of In-Branch ID Scanners

Using an ID scanner at your bank or credit union can greatly improve customer experience
ID scanners for schools

Detect Suspicious IDs

Catch fake IDs and fraudsters by performing document authentication, ensuring the ID is legitimate before beginning the onboarding process.

ID scanners for schools

No Typos

No more fat fingers or mis-spellings. Clean, accurate data is parsed from the ID directly into your key systems.

ID scanners for schools

Perform Third Party Checks

Perform instant checks against OFAC and PEP lists to do your due diligence to prevent money laundering and stay compliant.

Digital Account Creation

Reduce abandonment and allow for mobile account creation with deep confidence in your KYC protocols.

Remote ID Verification

We check against our AI-powered libraries to provide a confidence score on the front and back of the ID.

Selfie Face Match

We use the customer’s mobile device to capture a selfie, which is compared to the image on the ID.

DMV Checks

We query the state DMV database to confirm the ID was issued and is valid.

Using Identity Verification For Risk Reduction

Reading IDs, matching individuals via selfie, and performing third party checks help your bank acquire the data it needs to make safe, fair, compliant, account and lending decisions. We provide a layered approach to security to better deter bad actors.

ID Verification

Requiring an ID for account creation is the first speed bump for fraudsters, as they won’t be able to open accounts using a wholly synthetic identity. They’ll need an identity document that will pass our AI-powered security checks.


Randomized liveness checks, performed using the prospective customer’s camera, ensure that the individual opening the account matches the individual on the ID wit a high degree of accuracy, providing near-instant results.

Third Party Database Queries

Check against our DMV API, and IdentiFraud, to ensure that the document was issued by the jurisdiction on the ID, and that the prospect’s public records match the information they’ve provided.

Mobile account creation with confidence in customer identity

Younger consumers are looking for flexibility when opening new accounts or initiating new loans. Meet them where they are by allowing for digital identity verification . Our layered approach to identity proofing will make the process easy for customers, while protecting your institution from synthetic identity fraud.

Need help choosing an ID scanner for your bank?

Our team has worked with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions and lenders across the country to implement fraud reduction through ID scanning.

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