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ID Scanning for All Industries

Customers across industries have found our ID scanning useful for a wide variety of applications.


Automotive & Car Dealerships

Scan your customer’s driver’s license upon arrival or validate their identity via mobile device in advance of their test drive. Reduce test drive and loan fraud.

Schools & Education

Improve campus safety by checking-in in parents, guests, and vendors as they enter your school, and adding optional third party screening such a criminal background checks and Sex Offender Registry checks.

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Reduce fraud, ensure compliance, and improve customer service with our KYC ID scanning system for the financial industry.

Prevent Chargebacks

Bar & Nightclub

Verify gust age, catch fake IDs, and create and manage lists (Banned, VIP, etc.) to make your age-restricted venue safe, secure, and compliant.


Cannabis Dispensaries

Keep minors from purchasing cannabis products, and stay compliant with state-level ID scanning and PII laws.


Casinos & Gaming

Integrate with your player tracking system, manage banned and self-exclusion lists, and verify age and identity at the door or cage.

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Automatically populate your PMS to expedite check-in, using scanned IDs to ensure 100% accurate data and reduction in manual entry.


Gated Community

Create a safer and more secure environment for residents and employees and effectively manage visitor access with gated community access control.


Law Enforcement

Keep officers safer and create incident reports faster and more accurately with a simple scan of a driver’s license or state-issued ID.

Prevent Chargebacks


Simply and safely register patients and manage facility security with contactless ID scanning for hospitals, doctors offices, and healthcare facilities.



Fight fraud, increase customer enrollment, drive BOPUS sales, and enhance guest experience with a simple scan of an ID.


Churches & NonProfits

Generate information and insights that drive growth and improve operations with a simple scan of an ID.

Prevent Chargebacks


Provides a seamless customer and staff experience by automating contract creation and CRM data entry.


Firearms & Sporting

Verify identity and easily scan fingerprints for upload to ATF applications.


Property Management

Scan IDs of prospective tenants to determine fraud risk and verify identity.