Illinois Temporary Driver's License

Illinois to Stop Immigrant Driver’s License Scammers

Illinois is one among ten states that recently passed a law in 2013 to allow immigrants living in the state for over a year to apply for a driver’s license.  They have issued over 53,000 licenses since enacting the program and are now being targeted by immigrant driver’s license scammers.

State licensing regulators are working to create a new rule that limits the number of appointments someone can make to obtain their license.  Currently, scammers are using computerized dialers that flood the Secretary of State’s appointment system to obtain licenses.  Some driver schools are also charging $1,000 from undocumented immigrants for “universal licenses” that are recognized in most states.  Be on the lookout for these type of scams.

To read the full article, please visit The Quad-City Times website.  To learn more about how our ID scanning enterprise solutions can help prevent fraud, feel free to visit our ID Parsing SDK page or Web Services API page.

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