to Share Visitor Management Expertise During March 12 Webinar

Man Entering Office to Share Visitor Management Expertise During March 12 Webinar

Business Development Manager Dino Papich joins hardware partner Gemalto

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On Thursday, March 12, is joining hardware manufacturer Gemalto for a webinar focused on visitor management. Dino Papich from’s business development team has gained visitor management expertise by working across industries where security is critical. He will cover the basics of visitor management, including why, where, and how it can improve security and the visitor experience. The webinar, “Visitor Management in Action: From Document Authentication to Facial Recognition to Knowing the Visitor,” is free and open to the public. Clients, partners, and friends of are invited to join.

What is Visitor Management?

With more than a decade of experience in building a platform that emphasizes identity verification, has adopted the following definition:

 Visitor management is the process of tracking visitors and managing access in order to:

  • Enforce protocols and compliance
  • Protect people and assets
  • Safeguard against nuisance
  • Enhance the experience for all individuals

In short, visitor management allows facilities to track who is being allowed inside. While security is a driving factor in vetting and tracking guests, other benefits exist. Collecting demographic data from visitors and enhancing the guest experience are also benefits of a visitor management platform. During the webinar, Dino will go over all features and benefits of tracking guests at the point of entry.

Visitor Management in All Environments

Guest check-in and tracking are valuable at any entrance. Therefore, a visitor management system can be used in all industries and all environments—in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Or to put it another way: any place where people live, work, and play. Dino will discuss real-world examples of tracking guests in all different environments. He will talk about self-service vs. full-service and indoor vs. outdoor.

How to Verify Identity 

In environments where security is a priority, verifying each guest’s identity is important. While it is difficult to say with 100% certainty that someone is who they say they are, there are steps to take in verifying someone’s identity. Through layers of security tests, which include document scanning, you can increase confidence in visitor verification. Dino will cover the following ways to verify identity:

  • Checking the ID.’s technology confirms that an ID is formatted properly. Full authentication can verify that security features are aligned with those that the issuing body includes on its IDs.
  • Checking third-party databases. Background checks are a key piece of identity verification. Comparing an individual’s name against databases can further verify the ID can provide more information about the individual’s past.
  • Biometric testing. Comparing an individual’s fingerprints, face, or eye to the biometric data on file is an increasingly common way to verify identity. 

Partnering for Authentication

The value in the partnership is nowhere more apparent than in ID authentication. The process of authenticating an ID includes checking for security features that react to infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) lights. It also includes comparing the front of the ID to the back to ensure the information matches. Gemalto scanners, including the CR5400, the AT9000, and the AT10k, are equipped with IR and UV lights needed for authentication. Gemalto hardware paired with’s authentication solution performs ID authentication that enhances security and peace of mind in verifying identity. 

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