licenses facial biometrics and ID validation technology for apartment buildings has partnered with apartment building fraud prevention company CheckpointID to allow leasing agents, property managers and security guards to verify the identity of individuals with biometric facial recognition and government-issued ID validation.

Fraud is a growing problem in the multifamily-dwelling industry, according to the announcement, though New York’s state legislature is currently considering restrictions on the use of facial recognition by landlords.

“This is an extremely important partnership that solidifies our ability to assist apartment communities to add an important additional level of safety and security against fraud for years to come,” comments CheckpointID CEO Terry Slattery.

The partnership includes a perpetual license for exclusive use of’s award-winning ID verification products.

“We’re proud to partner with CheckpointID to bring the best fraud prevention solutions available to the multifamily industry,” says CEO Denis Petrov. “Trusted by banks, school campuses, and secure venues around the world, our technology can validate an individual’s ID to ensure they are who they say they are.” unveiled its updated ID authentication and facial recognition technology earlier this year at NRF 2019.