Unitech MS852 and Zebra DS8178

IDScan.net Announces Two New Touch-Free ID Scanners

With ID scanning requirements evolving to meet limited contact standards and multi-purposed reading, IDScan.net is now offering new Zebra and Unitech Handheld scanners.

Both scanners are cordless, lightweight, capture 1D/2D barcodes as well as loyalty cards, mobile payments, and in store coupons, and scan all barcodes without any contact.

The Unitech MS852 and Zebra DS8178 scanners are compatible with IDScan.net’s Data Capture and Age Verification software. The two new devices offer specific scanning abilities below:

  1. Unitech MS852 Touch-free 2D ID Imager
    • Automatically switches between two functionalities, handheld ‘trigger’ mode or stand-based ‘presentation’ mode
    • Reads all 1D/2D barcodes, including damaged or poorly printed barcodes
    • Easy to use rugged design that protects against dust and moisture with a drop spec of 2.1 meters to concrete
  2. Zebra DS8178 Series Cordless Handheld Scanner
    • Reads digital watermark technology, which prints an invisible barcode repeatedly over all surfaces of a product like wallpaper that cannot be seen by the human eye
    • Comes with Multi-code Data Formatting (MDF)
    • Provides the ability to capture multiple barcodes and transmit only those required in the precise order the application requires
    • Point and Shoot scanning enables flexible scanning without having to exactly line up the Zebra scanner and barcode

Both the Zebra and Unitech scanners are compatible with IDScan.net’s mobile solutions. Specifically created to accommodate scanning tasks in a variety of sectors, including retail, hospitality, and government sectors, IDWare Age | Mobile and IDWare Guest | Mobile configure our Age Verification and Visitor Management Software to mobile scanners.

IDWare Age | Mobile simultaneously validates whether an ID is real and captures the ID’s age and information to create or update a record in your database. This software effectively spots and deters underage patrons and enhances the customer experience by decreasing wait and transaction times.

IDWare Guest | Mobile provides automatic record keeping of all guests entering your building. It validates IDs online and offline for security at all points of entry, and checks visitors against pre-approved lists, banned lists, and third-party databases in real time.

To speak with a team member on how these solutions can be configured to best suit your business needs, call 888.430.8936 or visit our online store for more product information.