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New Third-Party Check Compares Data on ID to IDs issued by States’ DMVs

Read Time: 3 Min recently announced the launch of a new identity verification service, DMV Data Verification, which is now available through our integration services. The new service is the latest in the third-party checks offers that help verify an individual’s identity. DMV Data Verification allows clients to confirm in real time that the ID they are scanning matches an ID issued by the jurisdiction.

How it Works

DMV Data Verification allows clients to verify a particular ID matches a driver’s license or other ID issued by that state’s issuing body, typically the DMV. Currently, 32 states—representing 58.5% of the country’s population—have made their data available, and more states are planning to participate.

If the license comes from a participating state, DMV Data Verification compares the information on the ID to that state’s database. It first looks for a matching ID number. If an ID with that document number was not issued, then the ID is fake. It also confirms the name of the individual to whom the ID was issued, as well as the address, gender, and date of birth. If the information on the ID does not match the state’s records, then the ID is fake.

Participating States

DMV Data Verification can confirm IDs from the following states:

1. Texas12. Arizona23. Idaho
2. Florida13. Missouri24. Maine
3. Illinois14. Maryland25. Rhode Island
4. Georgia15. Wisconson26. Montana
5. Pennsylvania16. Colorado27. Delaware
6. Michigan17. Kentucky28. South Dakota
7. New Jersey
18. Iowa29. North Dakota
8. Virginia19. Mississippi30. Vermont
9. Washington20. Arkansas31. Washington, D.C.
10. Massachusetts21. New Mexico32. Wyoming
11. Indiana22. Nebraska

While it is ideal that all 50 states will ultimately participate in DMV Data Verification, will announce when new states participate in this program.

Integrating DMV Data Verification

Currently, DMV Data Verification is offered as an API, which means that it can be easily integrated into programs that utilize’s ID scanning integrations. In the future, DMV Data Verification will also be available as an optional feature in’s visitor management platform, VeriScan Online.

For more information about integrating DMV Data Verification into your application, contact’s Director of Enterprise Solutions, Debi Scott at or 888.430.8936.