Announces Advanced VMS Features Announces Advanced VMS Features

New features include pre-registration and approval of guests prior to visiting a secure facility.

For many years,’s visitor management solution—powered by our VeriScan software—has helped enhance environments of all types. Utilizing a visitor management platform at point of entry can increase security and compliance, and keeps an accurate record of who has come inside. recently added additional features to our offering that allow for scheduling, vetting, and approving of guests prior to their visit. These advanced visitor management features—”advanced VMS” for short—can be added to any cloud-based VeriScan Online account. 

New “Advanced VMS” Visitor Management Features

Many of’s visitor management clients use our solution to check in guests, validate the ID, record the visit, and review each individual’s visit history. Many secure facilities add authentication and/or third-party checks for added security. With the new advanced VMS features, facilities can require visitors to register in advance, perform background checks, and track internal approval of the individual’s visit. 

The new features include:

Pre-Registration of Visitors

When an employee needs to schedule a visitor to come on site, the employee collects the visitor’s information, including full name and date of birth. Each company can customize which data they collect. For example, a company may require the host to find out whether the visitor has previously been to the facility.

The employee then completes a secure web form, which is routed to the appropriate members of the team. This feature is set so that submissions may only be made from employees with the company’s email domain. This prevents just anyone from submitting a visit request.

Pre-Registration of Vehicles

For drive-on facilities, the vehicle can also be pre-registered. The process is the same as the visitor registration: the employee completes a web form with the vehicle information on behalf of the visitor.

Tiered and Lateral Approvals

Employees of the host company can be assigned different roles for hosting and approving the visitor. When a host employee submits the visitor registration form, it is sent to any combination of employees for approval. The approvals feature can be set to require one approval or multiple approvals, or it can vary based on which information is collected during the pre-registration. In the example above, first-time visitors may require two approvals, while returning visitors only require one. 

Company or facility leadership then approves the visit through a back-end portal, and any other security personnel can also log in to approve the visit. Background checks can also be run during the approval process.

Visitor and Vehicle Queues

Once a visitor or vehicle is approved by the necessary parties, they are added to their  respective queue. The queues are accessible by front-line security personnel. When a guest arrives, security staff checks them in by scanning their ID, and then checks for an approved visit. If no visit has been approved, then the front-line security knows not to admit the would-be visitor.

Advanced VMS Process’s advanced VMS features may be added to any current VeriScan Online account, or they can be included with new visitor management subscriptions. Please call 888.430.8936 for more information.