Identity Validation for Online Schools

Identity Validation for Online Schools

When 2020 got off to a rocky start with COVID-19, many of us thought that online schooling was going to be a temporary solution to a temporary problem. As events have unfolded, we’ve seen the necessity in educating students from their homes on a long-term basis and educational institutions have reflected this choice. According to some sources, as many as 40% of U.S. colleges and universities will still be teaching primarily online this semester and there doesn’t seem to be a clear date in the future when all students will return to mainly in-person learning. Additionally, online homeschooling for primary and secondary schools is at a high even as some students return to in-person schooling on a part-time basis. 

Why is identity validation important for schools?

The problem with online classes is knowing without doubt that the person taking the class or the tests is who they say they are. Hiring an online test taker or someone who will attend your class or do your homework can be very simple in this setting if the proper student identity validation system isn’t in place. It’s essential that online identity validation for online schooling be implemented to prevent fraud, plagiarism, and cheating. This can be done using face verification through biometrics

How does it work? has an online identity verification solution that makes students’ identity validation process simple. There are three steps for the student: take a selfie and a picture of the front and back of their ID card with their smartphone. Face verification is used to map the face in the selfie and the face in the ID photo, and compare the two images to calculate a confidence percentage in the match. The selfie is also run through anti-spoofing processes to assure it is a picture of a real person. Then the automation checks that the ID itself is legitimate by making sure it is formatted correctly and that the information contained in the barcode matches what is displayed on the front of the ID. Lastly, it also queries the USPS database to confirm that the address on the ID exists. 

This information is all instantly logged into the system with no input needed from the administration. Administration can determine for itself what face verification match percentage is acceptable for its standards and our team at is here to help make that decision. 

Additionally, has built a complete database consisting of nearly every available format of all government-issued IDs making online identity validation for online school highly accurate. This includes drivers’ licenses and IDs from all 50 states, Military IDs, Tribal IDs, and international IDs. Our database of IDs is the most robust library available and we constantly update it with new ID formats as they are released, so our technology will read even the newest IDs.

We don’t know when schooling will return to the way it was pre-2020, so it’s important to be prepared with long-term online security solutions.