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Identifying and Navigating the “New Normal” for your Industry

A note from our CEO: Let us help you with your reopening plans as you consider how to distance and track employees, customers, and guests.

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on our economy, and on the businesses that make it go.  During the past several weeks, I have been part of conversations with government officials, technology developers, and healthcare leaders to discuss the “new normal.” 

As governments and industries navigate how and when to reopen, one thing is for sure: navigating this “new normal” will be challenging. Whether you operate a restaurant, store, bank, school, or doctor’s office, your business is essential to your community. And as you consider the safest way to operate—limiting personal contact, for example—I encourage you to call the team. We are operating at full capacity, and we can offer insights about tracking customers, guests, and visitors in a way that keeps your staff and guests safe.

I understand that you are probably asking such questions as:

  • When is it safe to reopen my business?
  • How can I keep my employees and customers safe?
  • To what extent will my business look different than before?
  • What precautions are enough precautions?
  • Will I fall behind my industry peers if I don’t reopen soon enough?

Along with industry leaders, our team has discussed how our technology can help verify identity with touch-free ID scanning, as well as track individuals who have entered different buildings. As facilities take people’s temperature before entering, they are exploring using our solution to make note of that on the individual’s record. We are even evaluating ID scanning hardware with a built-in thermometer that can assist in capturing key data at point of entry.

Some of society’s changes will be short-lived as we operate in a heightened state. But I have also spent a lot of time considering our “new normal.” What will it be? 

Will more businesses want to screen and log every visitor—and their temperature—to track who has visited? Will alcohol and cannabis delivery remain legal in places it wasn’t previously? Will hotel check-in move toward kiosks to limit human contact? How close will we sit to other players and the dealer at casinos? I assure you that we are hearing ideas and best practices from industries beyond healthcare—ideas that can benefit all industries.

At, our vision is for a safer and smarter world, and we develop technology to realize this vision. Our world is different than it was before this pandemic.our commitment, and threats to individual security are different than those we are used to. Our commitment to enhancing environments and experiences, however, remains the same. 

If you’re thinking about how your business can adapt to this “new normal,” I encourage you to give us a call. I will share key information with the customer network, and I invite you to contact us as you plan your return to commerce.

As I said, we develop technology for a safer and smarter world: both the world we always knew, and the world that we didn’t see coming. 

The team is here for you. Please feel free to call me at 888.430.8936.