ID Scanning for retailers

ID Scanning Solutions for Retailers

ID Scanning is improving the way retailers do business.

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With so many options out there, many consumers are choosing to give their business to companies that are making customer experience and satisfaction their top priority. Companies like Amazon and Apple have responded in turn and are leading the retail world by becoming more and more customer centric. However, focusing on customer experience has become increasingly difficult when the reality is that fraud is a huge and growing problem among retailers, making the shopping experiences more and more invasive.

As a retailer, the difficulty remains how to provide customers the best experience possible while ensuring that your business is protected.  ID scanning technology can help align those goals.’s ID scanning solutions is not only enhancing customer experience, but also reducing fraud in the retail environment.

Become more customer centric by reducing customer wait times and processes

  • Scan IDs & collect customer information quickly and accurately
  • Streamline new member enrollment and credit applications by automatically populating ID information into your account enrollment platform
  • Autofill ANY form with customer data

Help prevent fraud in your retail establishment

  • Validate IDs and prevent fraudulent credit card transactions and store credit card accounts
    • While scanners with UV technology help detect IDs with fake holograms,’s technology alerts users if an ID has been scanned that is not exactly formatted for the issuing jurisdiction.
    • Higher level identity validation is also available. Our third party partnerships allows us to provide our customers with higher level identity validation like running an ID against fraud databases, background checks, government watch lists and other crucial data resources.
  • Validate IDs for check acceptance
  • Fight Chargebacks
  • Manage Returns/Refunds

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About provides businesses with the highest quality ID scanning solutions to capture and verify an individual’s information. Our technology will quickly and accurately tell your staff everything they need to know about the person standing in front of them. We provide a full spectrum of solutions to customers across a range of industries for fraud prevention, access control, automatic data capture, age verification, and visitor management. Trusted by top brands like IBM and Shell, our suite of customizable solutions is being deployed by leaders across industries from gaming and hospitality to retail and finance. As the first company to market mobile ID scanning capabilities, continues to pioneer cutting-edge technologies that anticipate the rapidly evolving needs of tomorrow.