Car salesman and customer talk about a car

ID Scanning in the Auto Industry

In 2021, the automotive industry endured $1.78 billion in fraud. This leaves auto dealerships in a lurch, burdening them with tracking down cars and reversing transactions. 

ID scanning can be a powerful weapon in the battle against fraud, ensuring that customers are who they say they are before you turn over the keys for a test drive, sign off on a purchase or rental agreement, or finalize financing on a new vehicle.

How ID Scanning Can Help

First and foremost, scanners catch fake IDs.’s sophisticated, AI-powered technology uses facial recognition to ensure that a person really is who they say they are by matching photo IDs to customers. 

Additionally, the mere presence of an ID scanner indicates to a bad actor that an auto dealer is serious about identity verification, thereby reducing any potential shenanigans. 

It’s also possible to add an extra layer of security by integrating DMV Data Verification, which uses real-time data to verify the identification document that has been scanned. This confirms that the driver’s license being used is legitimate, preventing fraudulent use.

Know Your Customers

The benefits of ID scanners go beyond fraud detection. Because an individual’s information is stored in the barcode of the ID, when an ID is scanned,’s VeriScan software automatically captures the data and converts it into a database with 100% accuracy. This demographic information helps auto dealers know their customers, enabling them to personalize their sales and marketing efforts. 

Mobile Validation

The customer journey can even begin prior to a customer’s arrival at the dealership with a request for ID verification via SMS or text message. The customer then scans their identity document. The resulting data is parsed with 100% accuracy and can be integrated into the auto dealerships CRM. Lastly, the customer takes a selfie. Sophisticated facial recognition compares the selfie to the photo on the front of the ID. 

The Ideal Solution

Whether scanning customer IDs at the front door, customer service desk, on the lot, or when beginning paperwork,’s solutions can reduce fraudulent activity while streamlining auto dealer processes and enhancing the customer’s experience. With such powerful tools for identity verification in their arsenal, the industry can roll back the tide of fraud.