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Enhance School Security with’s K-12 School Visitor Management System

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Recent national events have brought to light that safety at schools is not where it should be. Unfortunately, parents, students and administrators are having to to think about student safety while on school grounds. Although no one can guarantee that any system will completely prevent violent crimes,’s K-12 School Visitor Management System can help enhance school security and more efficiently manage campus visitors.  

The K-12 Visitor Management System is available in three levels of protection, Silver, Gold and Platinum and is specially designed to help administrators quickly and accurately gather visitor information so you always know who is on your campus.

The basic, or Silver level of protection will allow administrators to scan a visitor’s driver’s license or government-issued ID, capture its information and determine whether that person is allowed on campus. The visitor management system goes a step further and runs the ID against the Sex Offender Registry, ensuring that you catch dangerous individuals before they step foot on your campus. The system time stamps the scan and allows you to easily search visitor records by name, ID number or date and time. You can also create groups such as Family Member or Banned to ensure only designated people are allowed on school grounds. Lastly, the webcam and label printer in the visitor management system allow you to quickly capture an image of the visitor and print a visitor pass.  

For an additional level of protection we offer the Gold level that gives you all the benefits of the Silver level with the added benefit of receiving email or text notifications when designated visitors assigned to a certain group arrive.

Our most robust level of protection has all the benefits of the Silver and Gold bundles with the added benefit of  storing visitor images on the systems backend portal. The platinum level also allows administrators to schedule visitors through visitor request so you never have an unexpected visitor. Lastly, the Platinum level gives you the option to incorporate facial recognition into your Visitor Management System.

For more information of how the K-12 School Visitor Management System can help you increase school security on you campus or to enquire about our custom solutions please call 866-389-5361.  

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