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Our easy-to-use ID parsing SDK for Android is used by thousands of app developers to quickly and easily translate ID scans into digestible data fields.

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Our SDKs are used by thousands of global businesses to make identity verification easy and secure.

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How ID Parsing Works

Developers for thousands of global organizations leverage the ID parsing SDK to quickly and accurate scan IDs, passports, and identification cards and turn the data contained in their barcodes into readable, editable text strings.

Scan the Identification Document

Using a scanner that is equipped to read 2D barcodes, simply scan the front and back of the document. You can also use our ID Scanning SDK for mobile cameras, which will allow for ID scanning and ID parsing on an Android device.

Translate ID Barcode to Raw Data

Once the barcode is ingested, the SDK will allow you to pull information stored inside the 2D barcode.

Barcode Data is Ready To Use

The fields available inside the barcode are converted to a file that can be easily added to your database, CRM, or used to populate form fields inside your iOS application.

Android ID Parsing SDK Resources

Readable Fields From An ID

The following are a list of available fields which can be parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Street Address
Zip Code
Issue Date
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Class
Expiration Date
ID Number
ID Parser SDK For Android

Implementation Instructions

A quick guide to getting started with our ID parsing SDK for Android.

1. Add our maven repository

Add idscan-public maven repository to the project build.gradle file.

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ''

2. Add Dependencies

Add the following to the module build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    implementation ''

NOTE: if you have already installed version before 1.28.4 you have to remove it from the project.

3. Create DLParser Object

DLParser parser = new DLParser();

4. Set Up License Key

Setup License Key. For setup License Key you need to call setup(Context, String). It accepts two parameters: application context and license key encoded as Base64 string.

try {
    parser.setup(getApplicationContext(), "** LICENSE_KEY **");
} catch(DLParserException e) {
    // TODO: handle the error.

5. Start Parsing Data

For parsing data you need to call parse(byte[]) method.

try {
    DLResult res = parser.parse(data);
} catch(DLParserException | UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
    // TODO: handle the error.

You will find a complete example of using the library in

6. Call Your Data Fields

Call your data fields from the DLResult object.

Obtaining A License Key

In order to receive a License Key for our Android ID Parsing SDK send an email to with the Package Name. Please be sure to provide your order number in the email once ready to upgrade from trial to production mode. Copy the received key into the _KEY field when setting up the DLParser() object as in the code above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this SDK inside a web-based application?

The ID parsing SDK for Android is used to validate and parse an ID’s barcode inside a native Android/Java application. For web-based applications or websites, we recommend using our ID parsing API web library, which can be set up and integrated much more quickly. You can contact us at (504) 434-0222 and we can help you determine whether the API or SDK will be a better fit for your needs.

Does this SDK use optical character recognition (OCR)?

No. This SDK reads the barcode on the back of the ID and ingests the data stored in the 2D barcode. It is much more accurate than optical character recognition. 

Which types of IDs can be parsed using this SDK?

This SDK works for all US drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs, as well as all government IDs. It also works on most Canadian IDs, military IDs, and some Canadian healthcare cards.

Can this SDK be used on images of IDs?

If you are looking to scan and verify images of IDs, we recommend our mobile ID validation (DVS) product, which includes photo analysis of IDs, and facial recognition match using selfies. This SDK can use images of barcodes, however it will perform at a lower success rate because it will lack the auto-focus feature that comes standard inside our ID parsing SDK.

Can you take a picture from the scan of the ID?

Yes. With VeriScan software you can scan IDs and automatically capture the image on the ID to save with the profile information parsed from the ID scan.

Can you detect fake IDs using this SDK?

This SDK can be used to detect anomalies in the ID’s 2D barcode. To detect most fake IDs you would use our ID authentication SDK.

How does store data?

We have no access to scans made using our SDK. Data is stored and flushed based on customer requirements.

Test the Android ID Parsing SDK

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Other ID Parsing SDKs

We offer a variety of ID parsing SDKs to enable developers to create identity verification programs for a variety of devices and use cases. Many of our clients use multiple SDKs to provide an omnichannel experience.

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