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From mobile ID scanning to reducing losses from fraud, a custom solution from can help solve your specific pain-points while yielding measurable results. Using proprietary technology, our engineers will collaborate with your team to build a product tailor-made to solve your identity verification and information gathering challenges.

Our custom solutions work with a variety of platforms, including:

Desktop software
Mobile apps (Android and iOS)
Specialty scanners and hardware
Printers and label makers
Xamarin, Cordova
Salesforce and CRM integrations
Point of sale integrations
Proprietary software integrations
Custom Development

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Custom Integration Case Study: Chevrolet

A marketing department within the Chevrolet division of the General Motors Corporation was developing a program to collect and assess basic fundamental marketing information from a random group of potential customers. The information collection process needed to be fast, accurate and portable, with little training required on the part of the interviewer. Chevrolet wanted to automate the data entry, and required that the information be available for download to a format that could later be uploaded.

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Custom Integration Case Study: Checkpoint

CheckpointID is the leading fraud prevention service in the multifamily industry. Their mission is to help transform the multifamily ID verification practice by making the leasing process safer, more accurate, and more objective. The growing epidemic of fraud in the multifamily space resulted in unpaid rent, damage to properties, and putting assets and lives at risk. The company required a custom solution to address these issues.

Custom Integration Case Study: Polaris

Polaris Industries is a large industrial firm that manufactures, sells, and distributes a number of vehicles through its dealer networks. As part of the sales and marketing process, potential customers often require and desire a test drive. Polaris must obtain legal waivers to accommodate those test drives, and Polaris also captures contact information of sales prospects for dealer follow up. They needed a portable, automated solution that captured information quickly and accurately for the waivers, followed up, and forwarded that information to their CRM.

Polaris case study

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