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Catch fake IDs using our ID Authentication SDK combined with specialty hardware that includes multi-light ID scanning, hologram checks, and more.

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What is ID Authentication?

Our ID Authentication SDK is the most robust set of fake detection checks that we offer. In addition to the basic scan and parsing of the 2D barcode, we leverage the capabilities of best-in-class hardware to perform three-light checks, hologram checks, front/back matching, and more than 200 proprietary checks based on more than 20 years of industry experience.

Custom Algorithmic Checks

Over our 20 years in business we’ve studied tens of thousands of fake IDs and passports. Our AI has uncovered common (and not so common) tells that differentiate real IDs from fraudulent ones. In milliseconds we perform more than 200 individual checks on each ID. This also includes front and back matching to ensure the barcode matches the data on the front of the ID.

Hologram Checks

Specialty hardware is used to illuminate the holograms on the ID, which are then checked against our global library.

Watermark Detection & Analysis

We use our AI-created templates to scan and review the ID’s watermarks, looking for any anomalies versus our global watermark library.

White Light ID Scan

We perform a white light scan test to provide a final accuracy and validity check on the ID. Only when an ID has passed all four of our checks is it considered “authenticated” by’s ID Authentication SDK.

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What type of authentication checks are performed on an ID?

We perform more than 250 checks on each ID when using our ID authentication SDK.

Hi-res image capture
Front/back matching
Proprietary checks
UV light
White light
Hologram check
Watermark check
MRZ and barcode scan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ID scanning, ID verification, ID validation, and ID authentication?

The difference is nuanced and depends who you ask. We define them in the following way:

ID Scanning – ID scanning simply means an ID was digitally scanned. As there are hundreds of scanners on the market today, there is wide variance in scanning accuracy and fake detection.

ID Validation – ID validation performs a basic parsing of the barcode or MRZ data, and checks that the information is formatted correctly.

ID Authentication – Authentication is the most stringent stage of ID checking At this stage, every aspect of the ID will be examined using powerful cameras. The ID will be checked against hologram and watermark libraries. It will be scanned using white, infrared and UV light. It will also undergo an additional series of algorithmic checks which look for variances in spelling, spacing, and ID design versus known standards.

What types of scanners can be used with this SDK?

We recommend a scanner that has a minimum optical resolution of 400 dpi, and can accept images of at least 1500px x 1000px. We commonly recommend the E-Seek M500 for authentication because of its capabilities and durability. The CR5400 and AT10000 can also authenticate IDs.

What are the system requirements for performing authentication?

This is variable based on the processing time you require. You can view a full list of system requirements in our Docs Portal.

What percentage of fake IDs are caught using this ID Authentication SDK?

This SDK catches 95% of fake US drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

Will this SDK help us pass compliance checks such as KYC or AML?

Yes. Our ID Authentication is best in class and meets all known compliance requirements for identity verification. We have many enterprise customers who utilize our SDK to meet their stringent compliance requirements.

Does this SDK work on mobile IDs?

In order to scan both mobile IDs and physical IDs, you will need specific hardware. Because mobile IDs consist only of an image and a 2D barcode (no holograms, watermarks, etc.) there is far much less authentication that can be done. Our mobile authentication solution uses third party checks (Identifraud, DMV) to enhance mobile ID scanning and provide a high degree of confidence in legitimacy.

How does store data?

We have no access to authentication scans made using our SDK.

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ID Parsing SDKs

Detect fakes using our ID Authentication SDK, and then parse the ID’s data using our ID Parsing SDKs, available for a variety of programming languages. ID Authentication is only available for Windows .Net due to hardware compatability.

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