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ID and Facial Scanning Pioneer to Showcase Mobile ID Verification Solution at Money 20/20

Proven Platform Simplifies On-boarding New Customers for Financial Institutions and Technology Providers

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Las Vegas – Identity verification leader will be showcasing its state-of-the-art ID validation technology at this year’s Money 20/20 show. This gathering of financial leaders is billed as the “home of the Money Revolutionaries and those playing a key role in the movement to fundamentally disrupt and enhance every aspect of money.” developers will demo their cutting-edge Mobile ID Validation solution at Kiosk K48 Oct 27-30 in Las Vegas. This proven, simple solution streamlines onboarding of new customers for banks, lending institutions, and customers alike while enhancing security and eliminating fraud.’s Fintech solutions are ideal for banks, financial institutions and banking technology developers and providers.

“Anyone developing, say, a mobile app for credit card applications or an online investment platform, can plug in our solutions,” said Petrov. “And our White Label solutions can be branded any way, so that the customer has a seamless experience.”

The solutions tap into leading third-party databases—including IdentiFraud, credit bureaus, DMV, and Social Security Administration—to check individuals’ data and provide added layers of ID validation.

With Mobile Validation, financial institutions can onboard customers instantly through the customers’ mobile device. The customer simply opens the financial institution’s app, takes a picture of both sides of their ID with their smartphone and snap a selfie. With this information, Mobile Validation verifies the authenticity of the ID by checking barcode formatting, data sequence, security features, front to back data matching, address validation and facial matching of the ID photo to the customer’s selfie.

Easily integrated into financial institutions’ existing apps, Mobile Validation saves time for institutions and customers alike while eliminating fraudulent applications and the losses associated with them. also offers in-branch options that include desktop scanning solutions that can validate IDs, parse the data on them, and automatically populate forms with the data. This solution, too, is available in off-the-self and enterprise options.

To learn more about Mobile Validation and how is aiding financial institutions, visit our finance page, come see us at Money 20/20 Kiosk K48 or call 888.430.8936 to schedule a demonstration.