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How to Integrate ID Scanning Into Your App

Scanning and parsing IDs from your own app saves money, time, and keeps your user experience seamless.’s ID Dev Tools contain everything you need to create an app with ID scanning, or integrate ID scanning into an existing app.

This software reads the digital data from:

  • The magnetic stripe and 2D barcode from driver’s licenses
  • State-issued ID cards
  • Military ID cards
  • Common access cards (CAC)
  • Gun permits
  • Canadian health cards.

Here’s how it works:

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What are some key benefits of developing an app that scans IDs?

Giving your customers the ability to shop, order, or register for your product or service from their mobile device enhances both user experience and customer loyalty. Below are ways that you can support and engage your customers through virtual ID scanning:
Allow customers to conveniently scan their own ID. Expedite registration, identity verification, and enrollment. Customize your own UI and user flow and reduce data entry errors. And after that is completed, retain customer information with historical access. offers various APIs and camera scanning licenses to meet any additional requirements you may have, including matching an ID with a selfie, facial recognition technology, and authentication.

What types of SDKs does offer?

Our line of ID Parsing SDKs include an iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java SDK, Cordova Plugin, and .NET library.

All SDK types parse 2D barcodes (PDF417), magnetic stripe, and MRZ (passports).

Are there any hardware requirements?’s software is hardware agnostic. Our team will work with you to identify a scanner that we have tested and integrated into large scale projects – or, you can use hardware you currently own.

To learn more, visit our developer site. Or call us to schedule a free consultation with one of our team members about integrating or creating an app with our ID Dev Tools.