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Hospital Visitor Management

Tracking visitors to medical facilities and in hospitals has always been an important part of facility operations. As social distancing and contact tracing have become important processes for hospitals and healthcare workers in this new normal, visitor management has become even more important for the medical industry for the foreseeable future.

Many lessons can be learned from the pandemic for healthcare workers, even well after a vaccine has been distributed. One important lesson for hospitals from this pandemic is the increased importance of collecting, tracking, and maintaining information on staff, vendors, and any guests visiting their facilities. 

What does visitor management look like in a hospital or clinic setting?

Keeping accurate and up-to-date records is essential for hospitals and medical clinics. Businesses must ensure that they are maintaining time-stamped records of every appointment and visitor to the facility while keeping their staff efficient. Finding a balance between accurate record keeping and time efficiency can be hard and that’s one of the biggest reasons medical facilities have adopted visitor management systems.

Visitor management solutions allow hospitals and healthcare clinics to easily parse and collect data from patients and visitors with a simple  swipe or scan of their ID.’s auto-capture process reduces the chance of typos and allows workers to fill out forms with completely accurate information in a matter of seconds. 

The data and images obtained from a guest’s ID are automatically populated into a hospital’s existing patient management system. Once completed, healthcare workers can then use this auto-capture process to automatically fill out any required forms or populate other facility databases. This technology can even be used to create badges and passes for visitors and vendors. 

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals always had a need to capture, record, compile, and verify information from their patients. With hospital visitor management technology, time-stamped records from new and existing patients can be easily stored in an existing patient management system or in your facility’s secure online cloud based storage offered through 

From insurance issues to contract tracing, a modern visitor management system simplifies and improves operations. At we can help hospitals and health clinics use this type of visitor management technology with our VeriScan solution

VeriScan is a visitor management and age verification solution that can perform the following main functions after scanning a visitor’s ID: 

  • Track Visitors 
  • Verify Age 
  • Validate an ID

How software can help 


Visitor management can also support hospitals and healthcare clinics to maintain efficiency. By simply swiping a patient’s ID, healthcare workers can spend less time worrying about manually collecting accurate information or tracking down a patient’s personal information. Check-in processes can be streamlined with software by auto populating patient information (such as their name, address, date of birth, etc.) into any required patient management softwares or forms that need to be filled out.

We’ve partnered with ORTrax to make hospital visitor management systems even more efficient by combining their easy-to-use scheduling systems with our visitor management software. Additionally, our software here at works with existing electronic medical record systems (EMR) to streamline the process. 


Another way’s hospital visitor management solution improves patient and staff satisfaction is by improving accuracy. 

At hospitals, the accuracy of patient, vendor, and guest intake is crucial to smooth daily operations. A hospital visitor management solution can improve the intake process by populating data and images from driver’s licenses and identity cards with 100% accuracy. 

Our technology can also help solve accuracy troubles by:

  • Validating visitors and recording visits
  • Seamlessly integrating with existing EHR and EMR healthcare systems without disrupting existing records

Above all, visitor management systems remove human error, such as typos when entering data. 

hospital visitor management software


As mentioned, hospitals and healthcare clinics can securely use’s software by storing the data locally within a current patient management system or in’s secure cloud. takes data security seriously and is SOC2 certified. Our dedication to providing secure data collection for clients has proven to hospitals and many VA hospitals around the US that we are a trusted partner. Additionally,’s hospital visitor management is HIPAA compliant.

Access Management and Record-Keeping

Within a visitor management system, custom profiles can be created in order to tag and group all visitors for better identification. These groups can be used to restrict access to certain hospital or clinic areas and keep track of capacity limits. 

The access management and record-keeping features within our visitor management solution helps hospitals control access at point-of-entry and easily print time-expiring badges. By doing so, our solution ensures a hospital’s capacity is never too high. Using these badges, hospital staff can easily keep track of which area each visitor is allowed access to.

Vendor Management 

Vendor management is essential for smooth operations and protecting bottom lines, and can be a module of a customized visitor management system. From supplies and food delivery, to waste disposal, vendor management can help keep hospitals and health clinics up-to-date on their logistics. 

Vendor management helps hospitals save time and resources by checking in vendors when they enter or leave the facility, and keeping records easily accessible with time-stamped logs. 

A vendor management system can also help hospitals track which vendors are entering the facility, determine how often deliveries and pickups are being made from each vendor, and easily note any discrepancies in deliveries. 

Contactless Options’s mobile scanners and select desktop scanners allow for contactless ID scanning. This technology offers the ability to scan IDs without the document ever changing hands and prevents the spread of potential illness between patients and staff.

At, we offer a hospital visitor management system that is safe and smarter for the world we live in. With hospital visitor management from, hospitals, testing sites, and temporary isolation facilities can safely register guests or patients while verifying their identity with touch-free mobile scanning solutions


How does automating the visitor management process help improve hospital and medical facility operations?

Automating visitor management with the scan of an ID collects patient and visitor information with 100% accuracy in a matter of seconds. It removes human error and speeds up the process of creating visitor profiles in your EMR and filling out necessary forms.

Are there contactless ID scanning options?

Yes! Our mobile solutions and select desktop scanners offer contactless ID scanning.

Where can I find options for visitor management in my hospital or medical clinic?

Visit our website or reach out to