Fingerprint Scanner Solutions

Our live scan fingerprinting machine, paired with fingerprint scanning software, now offers scan to print functionality – no ink, no mess.

How Fingerprinting Scanners Work

Using the Kojak or a similar live scan fingerprinting equipment you can speed up the process of taking fingerprints for submission to law enforcement agencies.

  1. Scan ID or manually enter information
  2. Basic fingerprints are taken
  3. Roll prints are taken for all 10 fingers
  4. Save as a PDF
  5. Print on FBI-certified cardstock for mailing

Scan To Print & PDF

We are now offering scan-to-print technology inside VeriScan Desktop Plus and Enterprise. All you need is a Kojak 10-roll electronic fingerprinting machine and a computer with VeriScan installed.

Coming Soon: Scan to EFT

Soon you’ll be able to save and submit .EFT files directly from your Kojak fingerprint scanner using VeriScan software.


Pair with ID Validation

Use ID verification to quickly read the ID, and parse customer information into your system. Then take fingerprint scans to consolidate information into one convenient profile. Both ID validation, ID authentication, and fingerprinting equipment integrate easily with VeriScan.

veriscan plus upgrade

Pair with Visitor Management

Included with your fingerprint scanning software is VeriScan Visitor Management System. The VeriScan VMS will help you track all visitors, including those whose fingerprints you have scanned. VeriScan parses information directly from the ID to make managing your customers easy and secure. 


Why Use Live Scan Fingerprinting Equipment?

Fingerprint based background checks are considered to be the most secure form of background check and are commonly used for employment in secure industries, state and federal background checks, firearm purchase checks, adoption checks, and other instances when a deeper level of identity authentication is needed than can be provided by a name and SSN search. Fingerprinting equipment allows for digital scans of fingerprints that can be saved and printed with ease. 

The Kojak fingerprinting machine allows for roll prints which capture the fingerprint from edge-to-edge and give governing bodies the ability to register even partial prints. These are considered the gold standard of fingerprinting.


Live scanning fingerprint machines replace the traditional method of using ink and paper to take fingerprints.


Using a digital machine, fingerprint scans can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Less Prone To Error

Scanning software guides you through each fingerprint scan – and allows for redoing a single fingerprint.

Multiple Prints At Once

Need more than one set of fingerprints? With live scan fingerprinting you can scan once and print multiple times.

No Smudges

The fingerprinting machine surface is smudge proof and does not require rigorous cleaning between scans.

FBI Approved

Scan-to-print is approved for submission to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.


Federal Guidelines for Fingerprint Submissions

To request fingerprint cards or training aids, your agency must have an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI). An ORI is a nine-character number you must use to receive fingerprint supplies and training aids.The FBI does not provide any materials related to taking fingerprints to businesses that do not have an ORI. 

The FBI has approved the use of only specific hardware for taking and submitting fingerprints. 

  • Only two types are cards are approved for printing fingerprints ( FD-249 and FD-258)
  • Only two printers are approved to print fingerprint scans (Lexmark MS421, and HPM404)
  • Only two fingerprint scanning machines are approved (Integrated Biometrics Kojak, Suprema Realscan G10)

Request A Demo

Interested in providing live scan fingerprinting? Request a free demo of the Kojak FBI certified 10 roll print machine, with scan-to-print software today.

We are excited to support the next phase of fingerprinting technology.