IDScan.net has developed cutting edge facial recognition technology that allows our customers to detect, track, recognize, and analyze people in live video streams.

facial recognition solution

How It Works

Once you have captured an individual’s face—in person, from their ID picture, or from another photo—our facial recognition technology will recognize them.

Next time a person arrives, and your camera picks them out of a live feed, our software will alert you have the face match.

Facial Recognition Applications

Security & Visitor Management

There are a wide variety of uses for facial recognition, including:

  • Welcoming frequent guests upon arrival
  • Recognizing persons you have previously banned from the premises
  • Comparing a face to a database of images

Customer Experience

Attach an individual’s face to a record in your database or CRM to:

  • Recognize a VIP or high spender as soon as they arrive
  • Identify repeat visitors and their visit history
  • Learn purchase habits and offer personalized recommendations

Facial Recognition

  • Detect, identify and verify visitors with facial recognition.
  • How it works:
    • Find faces: identify, recognize or verify people
    • Analyze faces: identify people’s features & demographic
    • Understand faces: identify how people feel & behave
  • Single licenses available for desktop solutions with VeriScan Plus

Core Features

  • Face Detection
  • Face Identification
  • Face Verification
  • Emotion Detection (joy, surprise, sadness, fear, anger & disgust)
  • Demographic & Feature Detection (age, gender, attention, dwell, glances, blinks, feature points, glasses & ethnicity)
  • Multi-face tracking
  • Face Grouping

Facial Recognition Integrated SDK Options:

  1. Facial Recognition SDK Licensing Options:
    Software allows for template creation & stores within the database for future matching.

    • SDK with Matching License/Enrollment License.  Captures photo, data & sending metadata.
    • Verification License, which includes a & b, Enrollment license & Verification
    • Search License includes all 3: Enrollment, Verification & Search
  2. Facial Recognition Web Service API cloud based solution

Trial software is issued at no cost & is issued on a 30 day basis.  


  • Proprietary face analysis & machine learning algorithms (under constant improvement)
  • Multiple delivery options (Cloud APIs & offline SDKs)
  • Long form video analysis
  • Large size image processing
  • Incredibly small facial templates
  • Unlimited face galleries
  • Lightning fast results
  • Facial feature tracking (this outperforms traditional face detection tracking)
  • Deeply focused on face analysis
  • Privacy & security assured
  • Designed to simplify & streamline face recognition for developers
  • Innovative business model; free to test & tiered to scale with customer growth

Anti-Spoofing Technology

IDScan.net’s Anti-Spoofing engine prevents a single photograph from being used in facial recognition.  It is available as part of IDScan.net’s facial recognition solution or via IDScan.net’s anti-spoofing SDK.

How it Works

The Anti-Spoofing technology uses modern convolutional neuron web for the detection of fake photos, Which performs a 3-dimensional scan of the individual’s face. This fast mechanism of fake photo detection eliminates the need for 3d cameras or detectors.

What it Prevents

  • Print Attack. The attacker uses a photo of another person. The photo is printed or displayed on a digital device.
  • Replay/Video Attack. This is a more sophisticated spoofing technique that requires a looped video of another person’s face. This approach ensures behavior and facial movements look ‘natural’ compared to a print photo.

3D Mask Attack. The most sophisticated and most common type of attack, a 3D mask it enables ways to deceive some extra layers of protection such as depth sensors, as well as natural facial movements.

Anti-spoofing facial recognition