Our full authentication solution puts an ID through multiple layers of checks to determine its authenticity and to catch fakes—all with one simple scan.


Front-Back Match

Our system first scans the 2D barcode on the back of an ID and confirms that the information matches that on the front, which we capture with an OCR scan. This ensures that the ID has not been skimmed, while at the same time, validating multiple layers on security features on the ID.


Security Features

Manual ID authentication and review processes are often labor intensive, inconsistent, subjective, and costly. has created an industry-leading automated ID authentication solution that checks for optical and electronic security features including ultraviolet and infrared detection. Automatic classification of the document and presentation of all captured data are available to automate the data entry process.


External Checks

A final layer of authentication we offer, as an optional check, is to run the ID data against external sources. In a second’s time, we can provide multiple database checks, including:

  1. DMV checks – to confirm the ID was issued by the corresponding state’s DMV.
  2. Identity validation – to ensure the person is who they say they are.
  3. Watchlist screening – including OFAC and other third-party watch lists.

Off-The-Shelf Authentication

Our developers have built authentication into our existing solutions:

VeriScan Online Enterprise

VeriScan Online is used for visitor management and age verification in a variety of industries, and we’re pleased to offer authentication to this platform.

WizzForms Global

Scan drivers’ licenses and passports from around the world to automatically populate any form, and authenticate the ID in the process.

Integrate Authentication

Our authentication solution is available for integration into your existing application through our authentication SDK.

It is designed to be easily installed by your development team, and we offer developer support and frequent updates.

For more information about integration, please contact
Debi Scott,’s Director of Enterprise Solutions.

Hardware Requirements

As with everything builds, our authentication solution is hardware agnostic.

To utilize the front-back match and the security detection features, scanners used with our authentication solution must have the ability to capture an image of an ID, and it must produce UV and IR light.

The AT9000 by Gemalto (3M) meets all requirements for authentication, and it is available through our online store.

Call us with any questions about comprehensive authentication solution: 888-430-8936.