Healthcare Fraud

The medical device market is moving towards barcode scanning. According to Gayle S. Putric of Plastics News, this move is due to “demands for improved identification and tracking of surgical instruments and devices.” This transition makes sense considering that this market is a $110 billion dollar industry and is predicted to reach $133 billion by 2016. The question is with such high dollars at stake, why hasn’t this started sooner? As ID scanning technology continues to advance and increase ubiquity, more agencies and businesses are making it a requirement as part of their operational practices.


Different government sectors such as the Food and Drug Administration are going to start requiring barcode tracking to streamline efficiency, prevent fraud and minimize loss. The importance of scanning technology can be seen in several examples across the U.S. In one case, a person committed $500,000 worth of fraud using an invalid ID. Major costs can be saved with small steps by implementing scanning technology.


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