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GSX to Feature Leading Identity Verification and Information Gathering Tech by

Award-winning biometric and ID scanning solutions to be demonstrated at Booth #964

Read Time:  4 Min, a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies, will be showcasing its cutting-edge security solutions at GSX Booth #964 in Chicago on Sept. 8 – 12. Experts will be demonstrating how security professionals across industries are using the solutions to improve security, prevent fraud, and enhance visitor management.

“In today’s world, knowing who is on your premises at any given time can protect property and, quite literally, save lives. Our solutions offer added layers of security that are as easy to implement as they are effective,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO “I’m excited to meet with security pros at GSX and share tools and best practices that can enrich their efforts.”

Center stage at GSX will be’s facial recognition solution. It was recently named a 2019 New Product of the Year by Security Today magazine, which will present the award at GSX.

Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine, said of the Product of the Year awards, “Our world needs the technology and benefits from those people who are ever thinking about new ways to secure the world. There has never been a time in the history of mankind when security efforts are more needed than they are today.”’s facial recognition technology is a powerful add-on to its popular cloud-based visitor management solution, VeriScan Online. The pairing allows security professionals to spot individuals as they approach and run their faces against internal and third-party lists. It provides an added layer of security and streamlines processing. Through computer vision and machine learning, the technology can recognize and measure people in any video, image, or photo.

“With our facial recognition solution, if someone on a ‘banned list’ approaches, a small video camera will spot them before they arrive and notify security. It provides extra time and accurate information that can be used to head off trouble,” said Petrov. “Our solutions are being used by secure venues, casinos, bars, schools, arenas, and the like to keep people safe and property secure.”

Facial recognition is part of an ever-expanding suite of’s technologies, deployed through off-the-shelf and enterprise solutions. Approved by the TSA and FBI,’s technology collects, verifies, and analyzes people’s data in a matter of seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. They are easy to use and can integrate with virtually any software platform.

In addition to enhancing security,’s solutions vastly improve visitor management, which can be time consuming and distract security professionals from spotting potential threats. ID scanning and biometric technologies automate visitor management, speeding up lines and ensuring accurate data.’s solutions can run data against various watchlists, and add-on features include text notifications, visit scheduling, and self-expiring visitor badges.

To learn more about any of’s solutions or to request a demonstration, visit or call 888.430.8936.


Based in New Orleans, is a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies. With a mission of creating a safer and smarter world, the company has enhanced environments and experiences for over 6,000 clients including IBM, Shell, AMC Theaters, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Dave & Busters, and many more of the world’s most trusted brands. Since 2003, the company’s international team of industry specialists has pioneered technology that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of leaders across all industries – from gaming and hospitality, to retail, finance, and education – developing more than 300 custom applications and the industry’s leading and most up-to-date library of global ID formats. The company’s technology has been approved by the TSA and FBI (CJIS).