The Future of Visitor Management

The Future of Visitor Management

With COVID-19 cases continuing to surge across the U.S., the future of visitor management solutions is as prevalent as ever. As businesses across the country prepare to reopen in 2020 and beyond, establishments, venues, and facilities will also be looking to keep their customers, employees, vendors, and guests safe.

That is where’s cloud-based visitor management system can help.

The visitor management solution from is designed to support business owners and property owners alike in all industries by tracking visitors and managing access in order to enforce protocols and compliance, protect people and assets, safeguard against nuisance, and enhance guest experience.

In the midst of COVID-19 and the reopening procedures,’s visitor management system and its various features can be utilized in safeguarding a wide variety of businesses during and after the pandemic.

For instance, colleges and universities can incorporate’s tracking technology to keep their campuses safe during the summer and fall semesters of 2020. By using a visitor management solution, college and universities can:

  • Scan visitors across an entire campus and store campus visitor records with’s VeriScan Online software.
  • Manage occupancy limits by tracking who enters academic buildings.
  • Scan student IDs, visitors, and employees while checking them into the building.
  • Record and detect temperatures from visitors.

Beyond academic buildings, colleges and universities may implement this technology in admissions offices, security checkpoints, during student events, dining halls, libraries, and residencies to increase campus safety with these student and visitor tracking systems.

Colleges and universities visitor management’s visitor management solution can also help businesses manage their own contact tracing as they look to reopen their doors amid the coronavirus outbreak. As an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19, contact tracing allows your business to identify individuals that may have been infected with the virus and even the individuals that they have been in close contact with. A notification is then transmitted to the visitor management solution network, which can help prohibit the virus from further transmitting.

With this type of ID scanning technology in practice, establishments can capture and record information from every individual or vehicle at various points of entry. All of this data can be neatly packaged into an easy-to-use database, where it can be queried in seconds to monitor any premises.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for identity verification by scanning IDs for two reasons: a safer check-in process, and to have a record of all who entered for contact tracing.Scanning IDs to check in guests is at the forefront of’s visitor management solution.’s visitor management software is handheld or desktop, allowing establishments to check anyone that enters their property by scanning their ID from a distance.

Today, properties can understand who was where and when as employees, guests, and vendors arrive at their location. With this type of information at your fingertips, your business can remain healthy and also play a crucial role in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Visitor Management Solutions in 2020

The changes in our daily lives due to COVID-19 are likely here to stay, which means more ID tracking, more social distancing, and more temperature recording.

With’s visitor management solutions, anyone’s ID can be scanned once they reach an access point at the establishment. With 100% accuracy, the software can pinpoint and organize all of the information collected from an ID and store it into the system’s database. Here, the data is stored with a time-stamped record and can be accessed from anywhere.

With this data captured by’s visitor tracking technology, your property can keep a log of who has been inside the establishment at all times. By doing so, your business can track capacity and maintain compliance by using throughout various security checkpoints with this cloud-based technology.

This technology can advance your business’ visitor management priorities beyond validating and checking all visitor IDs, such as by recording temperatures from anyone that accesses your property. With a touch-free check-in solution, your business can detect employee and visitor temperature in seconds and without any contact. This can avoid any problems with kiosks, as many visitor management platforms run with self-service tablets and iPads.

At, our solutions are working to combat the threat of COVID-19 by limiting your business’ exposure to the virus and by slowing its spread.

Pairing a Thermal Scanning Solution with Visitor Management’s visitor management system trends and solutions include new technologies that are working to create a safer work environment during the coronavirus pandemic.’s thermal scanning system, known as the IDWare Contactless Infrared Thermometer, can confirm if an employee or guest does not have a fever.

The future of visitor management solution starts here with the thermal scanning system, as it can capture and recognize a face in as little as 0.2 seconds. This facial recognition technology instantly and accurately reads an individual’s temperature within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermal scanning system product is becoming one of’s biggest visitor management trends during the COVID-19 era with social distancing, as it can identify subjects within 10 feet.’s VeriScan Desktop solution can also support your business during COVID-19 with facial recognition features, which can swiftly process employees, guests, and vendors while instilling social distancing procedures. With VeriScan, your business can attach an individual’s face to their personalized record in your visitor management database.

Thermal Scanning Solution with Visitor Management

By capturing a picture or a live stream of the guest, you can easily enroll them into the visitor management platform. Upon their next arrival, VeriScan will immediately recognize them and identify their record, which can be especially useful for employees or frequent visitors.

Your company’s guide to visitor management solutions in 2020 can start and end with’s technology and solutions. Our IDWare Guest software is a visitor management solution that combines both VeriScan and ID scanning hardware into one package.

IDWare Guest is available as both a mobile, touch-free scanning solution or as a desktop software. There are three variations of IDWare Guest, which include:

Your business’ visitor management priorities may also include building facial recognition technology into your current applications, which can be done with’s developer tools.’s ID Parsing Software Development Kit (SDK) allows your business to incorporate ID scanning technology into your own applications. Some of its perks include no internet access requirements to scan IDs, the ability to scan IDs with the camera on your own device, analyzing ID data locally on each device, and much more.

Visitor Management Best Practices

The best practices from’s visitor management solutions can help your business avoid potential problems with new procedures due to COVID-19 under state and federal guidelines. For instance, some self-serve kiosks require ample amounts of time to register, which can result in an overall negative customer experience.

Additionally, these self-service kiosks are not promoting safe social distancing, as the tiresome procedures can result in long lines of people gathering close to one another.’s visitor management solutions include best practices that avoid these problems, allowing your business to safely automate visitor management with a cohesive package of data stored in the cloud while also addressing the spread of COVID-19.