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Fraudsters are Everywhere, What Can You do?

March is fraud awareness month, and we want to arm our readers with important statistics, and how can help you stop fraud!


88.3% of identity fraud is committed using a fake ID. This number is alarmingly high especially when you consider that over the past six years, fraudsters have stolen $112 billion. This comes down to $35,600 stolen per minute. (


$2.40 is the amount every dollar of fraud cost merchants in 2016, this is up from $2.23 in 2015. (LexisNexis)


Fraud’s percentage of revenues rose from 1.32 percent to 1.47% in 2016. This revenue is extremely high for retailers and continues to be a growing issue for the retail industry.  (LexisNexis)


These statistics are unnerving to say the least. But, there is a way can help you fight fraud!  Retailers can see a considerable decrease in fraud by utilizing a “multi-layered” approach. This includes solutions which tier identity verification and identity authentication. provides complete solutions-both hardware and software that help users fight fraud and ensure that an ID is properly verified, validated and authenticated.


Ways Can Help you Fight Fraud:

  • ID Verification: provides solutions that ensure that the ID is a valid, government issued ID with correct formatting of barcode features, ID number, etc.
  • ID Validation: has the ability to perform higher level vetting to validate the identity of the individual. This includes running the ID against government databases such as OFAC and many others.
  • ID Authentication: provides users the ability to authenticate an ID for proper security features, UV, etc. to ensure the ID is not a fake

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