Four No-Contact Ways to Scan an ID

Visitor Management and Guest Tracking  without Spreading Coronavirus

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With businesses reopening their doors to a changed world, the first of many procedural changes will be to limit individual interactions. We have already seen temperature-taking to enter buildings, as well as a relaxing of restrictions for delivering age-restricted products. It is foreseeable that these changes will remain permanent and others will follow.

Here are 4 technologies to scan IDs, ensure compliance, and maintain operations without unnecessary contact:

1. Handheld ID Scanners

A handheld scanner provides no-touch full ID validation, including age and authenticity verification. This ID scanning technology is effective in most industries and environments, whether that be a hospital, nursing home, long term care facility, bar, or dispensary. It can also be used to scan employee badges.

Simply hold a scanner up to 10 inches away from an ID or passport and within seconds verify a customer’s ID. One major benefit of using handheld scanners is that they may be used in a queue outside your business, or used at a POS solution.

Some scanners, such as the IDWare9000 are able to scan through both regular and tinted windows. This feature is especially useful for curbside pickup and deliveries of age restricted products.

For nursing homes, hospitals, and other health related environments, something such as a 14-day countdown could be displayed for those who have come into contact with COVID-19. Scanners supported by our Age Verification and Visitor Management software provide additional ways to improve business processes and enhance visitor experiences.

2. Mobile ID Validation

This technology offers a virtual ID validating solution that is 100% contact free. It can be built into your app or mobile website. Users take or upload photos of both sides of an ID, and our software compares, matches and verifies the information. An additional security level can be added by including a selfie feature that verifies the user’s selfie with their ID photo.

Mobile ID Validation is useful for:

  • Banks and financial institutions issuing online loans and credit
  • Restaurants and dispensaries verifying identity before delivering age restricted products
  • Car dealerships and real estate owners verifying who is renting or buying their car or house

And any other business who seeks to verify a customer’s identity prior to a sale or a personal interaction.

Visit our Mobile ID Validation page or speak with one of our team members to discuss adding this contactless identity verification to your application.

3. Self-service Kiosks

Both Windows and iOS tablets offer autonomous solutions for customers to interact with a business. Built to help users check in & out, to assist first time users in enrolling in loyalty programs, and to serve as a platform for both visitor management and loss prevention software, these tablets may be easily wiped clean after each use to maintain a healthy environment for customers and employees.

Businesses, schools, and other secure buildings may use these kiosks with an ID scanner attached for increased security and record keeping. A transportable tablet kiosk may offer the flexible technology that businesses now need to manage changing points of entry, maintain distance measures, and accommodate staff availability.

4. Facial Recognition

The ultimate contact-free technology of the future is facial recognition.’s facial recognition software decreases visitor wait times and increases customer loyalty through excellent service.

By adding facial recognition to our visitor management platform, you can enroll first-time customers with a photo or an ID scan. Then, upon return, you can recognize VIP and recurring customers at the entrance. This technology makes guests feel distinct and remembered, as well as safe from human contact.

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To learn more about how to help your business operate more safely and efficiently while maintaining new social distancing and reduced contact standards, call us at 888-430-8936. Our ID experts will work with you to provide the most effective hardware-software touch free pairing.