California - Feds reject design of driver's license

Fed rejects California’s design for Immigrant Driver’s License

The US Department of Homeland Security has rejected California’s initial design of its driver’s license for illegal immigrants.  According to officials, the design is not distinguishable enough from the official permit that is given to residents.

Although this represents another roadblock for granting illegal immigrants access to basic public benefits, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is unphased.  They plan to make edits to their initial design and move forward from there.

The proposed design that was rejected was different from the typical driver’s license in two ways.  Firstly, it had the initials DP for “driving privilege” instead of DL for “driver’s license”.  Secondly, the back of the ID had a disclaimer that said the license was not usable for federal purposes such as  boarding a plane.

Under the Real ID Act, license are required to have markings “to allow Federal officials to quickly determine whether a license or identification card may be acceptable for official purposes” including “accessing Federal facilities, boarding federally-regulated commercial aircraft or entering nuclear power plants.”  The initial design proposed by California did not meet these standards.

To read the full story, please visit the Los Angeles Times website.

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